What do you know? Or feel?


Since we were talking about the English Language.

We have some really big words in our native tongue.  Like extemporaneous.  Or unencumbered. Inconsequential.  There are some which are WAY bigger than that.

But some big words come in little packages too.
Like Trust.

We’ve been hearing a lot of this one lately.  Here is how Mr. N. Webster heard it….  in the sense of the verb.
Trust.  To believe in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of.
To believe in the reliability.  To believe in the truth. To believe in the ability.  To believe in the strength of.

Whew.  That is huge.

Trust is an exceptional word.  And it takes exception to many things.
You can’t buy trust.  It isn’t like a bag of beans that you can pay for at the grocery counter.    It can’t be stolen either.  Conversely, it can’t be given away.

It has to be earned.

Sometimes it goes out on loan.  And other times… people will fool us in to believing they can be trusted.  But there has to be a level of truth to it.  And when that happens… the trust comes around through experience.

Humans trust other humans.  Some, easier than others.   It is what we do.  But we have to be vigilant with all of that.

Sometimes, we believe what we want to believe, even though the red flags are waving in our faces.  If someone comes up and says to you repeatedly….   “Trust Me.”   But they have no credence, no experience, no background.  Do you blindly trust?

What about someone else who has a lot of experience, and has been trying to work at something for a long time… but they’ve made mistakes.  And then they say to you… “I didn’t do that right.  But I learned from it.  And I won’t do it again.  You can trust me on that.”  Do you trust them?

I guess it depends on who you are.  Or what you believe.  You won’t know one way or the other….  of course….. until the experience either bites you in the butt, or proves to be a good thing.

I DO know that there is good energy in the world, and bad energy.  I know that when we treat others with integrity and equality, we are doing the right thing.  I know that when we are compassionate and accepting, and choosing the way of peace, and NOT conflict, that we are doing the right thing.

Yes. We have to be careful and set our personal boundaries in life.  But we also have to know in our hearts when someone is being cruel or being kind.

For me, it is easier to trust someone who shows kindness.  Someone who is hopeful.  Someone who is good.    Because we need to put faith and trust in the goodness.  It is the path that takes us to the high road.  I’m pretty sure of it.  But don’t trust me on this one.  Trust yourself.