Wakey. Or not. It comes it things we see.

It happened to me once again. Without fail. In the middle of my state of sleep, I was interrupted by that other world. The world we can’t quite put our fingers on. We know it is a dream, but the experience feels completely real at the time it is happening. That is, I propose, because there is a realness to it. A facet our our consciousness that is every bit as tangible as our waking brain.

Regardless, it happened to me again. It has become a common occurrence with me. Whatever the “thing” I am watching, or doing, or reading before bedtime, somehow inches its way into my sleeping psyche. It is like some little cat burglar, breaking in during the deep, dark cover of night. Lifting up one eyelid and stepping through the cover of my exterior, on into the inner me.

Last night, it was an extreme sense of scary. All night long. At one point, I was so distraught, and jabbering, that my little dog Lou was by my head when I awoke — sitting there, head cocked, watching me carefully. “Sorry Lou,” I said. “Bad dream.” He turned around three times, and nestled into my shoulder.

After a trip to the bathroom, another common occurrence in my life, I settled back into bed, only to have the dream world grab me again, and give me a spin through the halls of Stephen King. Well, it was a car wash, really. And people were being held captive there. The ghost came and got me at one point. It was a formidable ghost, so much so, that I slung a bucket in its direction. For the record, “bucket slinging” does not work on the Supernatural.

Regardless, my whole point to this, was what I like to call, The Facebook Effect. The things I see, or read, or watch, later come back around to me, on the other side of my eyelids. Those people I have not seen in years start showing up for shrimp cocktail at my dinner parties in the middle of some train station. Or, a team of otters, stand up from their floating soirée, and go on strike, holding little signs, walking along the water’s edge, chanting, “We want Grandma’s Triple Peanut Butter Pie.”

And. It is a coin toss really. Sometimes, like last night, it can be distressing. Other times, those dreamy worlds are downright fun, and I don’t want the magic to end.

Either way, our sleeping brains, once again, wake up. We hope.

And here we are, in the reality of the the swirling, twisting, turning world.
You see. In the awake state, this world is not flat. It is round, hence the constant rotation.
And dreaming, or awake, we are all a part of it. Fuzzy or not. Lucid or muddled.
So let’s see what we can “really” see, and keep this ball rolling.


“If I know better than you know what I am up to, it is only because I spend more time with myself than you do.”
― Daniel C. Dennett, Freedom Evolves


“The fact of the matter is that our unconscious is wiser than we are about everything.”
― M. Scott Peck, The Road Less Traveled


“If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.”
― C.S. Lewis