Tusk, tusk…

I miss the Woolly Mammoth. I do.

Not that I ever actually KNEW a Woolly Mammoth, but I have seen the movie Ice Age. I can tell they were a species to be loved. If there is one of the Ice Age animals I wish we could bring back, it would be…. that Woolly Woolly Mammoth.

Just saying its name is a great deal of fun. But can you imagine being out in the backyard, and saying… “Oh look honey. There’s a Woolly.” And your honey would say… “Yeah. They sure are cute, but they are tearing up the flower beds.”

Back in the day, they were impressive. They were 13 feet long, and weighed about 7 tons. But… there were more Mammoths. The Imperial Mammoth was bigger…at 10 tons. And there was another species in China which weighed 15 tons. That’s a load of Mammoth, I’ll tell you. Can you imagine the Mammoth Poop Piles? That is probably why the humans hunted them, back them. Org stepped in one too many patty pies… I betcha.

Ice Age Humans used to do some cave paintings, here and there. Many of these drawings show the important relationship those people had with the woolly mammoths. There is a place… called the Rouffignac cave in France . It has 158 depictions of mammoths. Pretty extensive, I would say. There is also evidence of the use of bones and tusks by humans to create shelters, tools, furniture and even art objects.

Yes, there were a lot of different Mammoth varieties, but the Woolly’s were the most populous, spanning most of the Arctic Regions, from Siberia, to Europe, to North America (and more).

They just died out about 4,000 years ago. About the times the Pyramids had just been built in Egypt. Nobody knows for sure what caused them to die out. I think the Ice Age got to be a little too much. They should have gone to Sarasota, Florida for the winter… like a lot of old people do. But walking that far would have been a mammoth undertaking.
At any rate, I miss them.

Another reminder, I think. What we have today, may not be here tomorrow.

Love the ones your with. In a big way.



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