Funny how it goes. Mary and I were just discussing all the different things that sneak into our Inboxes. The range is far and wide, from all-out junk, to important documents sent from organizations, to the wacky, weird and wobbly.

So there it popped, into my Inbox, bright and early this morning.

The article was titled “8 Signs That Your Body Is Crying for Help”

As I said, funny. Because I had an operation today. A femoral hernia has been a pain in my groin. So, it had to be fixed. And that was the last email I read before I gave up my phone.

And tonight, my body is showing some signs of crying for help.

So. Well.  There you have it.

I’ll be back when my brain comes back from the fogs of Neverland. Yes, I’m pretty sure I saw Tinker Bell, or some such Light Person while I was out of this world. But physically, it feels like Captain Hook might have been there too.

So, until later. Or, as Peter Pan would say. “Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning.”