Time’s a tickin’

biigigigiddd  bolt


I used to smoke cigarettes.  A lot.

I quit about 15 years ago.  But prior to that, people used to say to me… “Smoking a cigarette will take seven minutes off your life.”

Back when I smoked, I didn’t like when people said things like this to me.  My initial reaction was… “Well how do they know? Seven minutes.”

But now that I think about it… that’s about right.  From the time I pulled a pack of cigarettes out of my bag, fished for a lighter, and fired one up… to the time I snuffed it out… was probably about seven minutes.  Give or take a little.

And there you have it.

Eating a bowl of ice cream will take 9 minutes off your life.  Depending on your speed-eating, and the size of the bowl.

Paying your bills with take 20 minutes off your life.

Playing a round of golf with take 4 hours off your life.  FOUR hours!

Of watching a NASCAR race will whittle 3 hours from your life.

Everything we do is really a part of the countdown.  Oh.. isn’t that a cheerful thought.

From the moment we are born… the clock starts ticking. We are on the downhill slide.  The countdown has begun.

So I shall keep this short tonight… so as not to be responsible for taking any more time off your life.  Or mine.

Photos:  a Mourning Dove;  an Iron Bridge;  a Electricity Carrying Pole.

All of which are irrelevant tonight.

I don’t want life to imitate art. I want life to be art. —  Ernst Fischer