This Rear-View Year

When a year comes to a close, people have a tendency to reflect.

To clarify, I don’t mean that we stand in front of a mirror, and gape. And technically, in that case, the mirror reflects. No. The entire process occurs in our own little brains. We, reflect.

We look back, give thought to, mull over, and contemplate. To some degree.

For me, 2018 seems like a bit of a blur. In fact, I need someone to do a “Year in Review” for me personally. Albeit, every hour on the TV, someone is doing a “Year in Review” about something. It gets a little wearisome. I don’t really need to see the Royal Baby again, or the winner of the World Cup. I caught it the first time around. Thanks.

Yet, truthfully, I’ve forgotten the most of it. The news cycle was beyond rapid this year. It was in hyper-drive. So maybe I do need a little reminding. What the heck. Go on. Play it again Samuel.

Mostly, these days, the whole New Year scheme seems like a non-big-deal to me. It might be my age, but it seems like just another day. The numbers switch around a little bit. We flip from an eight, to a nine. Some people have trouble writing checks. But other than that, I am guessing that things will tick, as they normally tock.

For me, it seems important to do the right things every day. Sometimes, I fail miserably. But. It shouldn’t have to wait until the beginning of a new year. I’m a little jaded when it comes to the whole “resolution” scheme.

If we want to start something new, there is no time like the present, as far as I am concerned. Today is the day. Ready, set, go. Or. Not.

Regardless, I sound a little glum about all of this. I was going to snap things up with a Well-Wishing-Poem for the New Year. But my Seussicals are clearly on the blink. And I sink. Like a mink. In a rink. I’m a fink.

So I will wish you a Happy New. And mean it. Truly. You are all good people. Kind and loving people, and I am happy and glad to know you. I hope 2018 was filled with moments of goodness and joy and peace. And that 2019 will be filled with more.

And cookies. I hope you get lots of cookies this year.