The Good Mix

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A few scenes tonight…. from some things I’ve seen this week.

But first.

This commercial break is brought to you by our proud sponsors.  Yes.  The Trench Men and Women.  Who come back time and time again…. to read this thing.  I randomly picked a couple of slow days to do the recognitions.  Friday and Saturday.  So.

For your viewing pleasure, I bring you the LIKERS from the past two days…  and the COMMENTERS.  There might be something terribly wrong with these people… so be careful about “Friending” them on Facebook.

And.  I thank you unwavering people, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing in my daily considerations.  You just don’t know how much I appreciate you all.  Seriously.

Janet Jordon Crelin
Jeff Golden
Jean Bussell
Mary Bullen
Justin Thomas
Karen Welch
Patty Wagner
June Cottingim
Sharon Egri
Cassandra Newton
Eddie Kronenberger
Mary Hake Christman
Tina Marker
Ed Kronenberger
Tooter Combs
Judy Raymond
Mary Vice Winter
Nuke Shepherd
Sharon Helriggle

If I put a < and a 3 together, it makes an Emoticon Heart.
This Emoticon Heart is for you folks.  Because I…..  Emoticon Love You ALL.


I’m not sure what this next one means.


But it looks like one of the Crows from Mad Magazine’s Spy Vs. Spy.

I’m better stick with the Emoticon Love.


“It is good people who make good places.”
― Anna Sewell, Black Beauty

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”
― Desmond Tutu