Three Dogs Knight

If I were the Queen of England, I would put on my Sunday Finest and pick out my very best crown.  Then, I would pull out the gilded sword, and I would get busy with Knighting people.

I mean it.  I would Knight a bunch of good folks I know.  As I looked into it a bit, there is a big dang deal that goes into Knighting someone.  First of all, there are all sorts of Orders.  And a big bunch of hoops you have to jump through.

However….  I think I would get right to it.  You see, I am lucky enough to know a bunch of people who all-out deserve it.

But, if I were Queen, I would be Knighting my dogs.  In this case, Dame-ing them.  You see, I have the world’s greatest dogs.

First there is Ollie.  She is the youngest, at 8 years old.  Part Pekingese, part Jack Russel Terrier.  She is our “Smarty-Pants-Clown.”   Ollie loves to watch TV.  She crosses her paws when she watches.  Her favorite shows range far and wide.  You just never know what will interest her.   She is funny and expressive.  She has a hundred different face gestures, and often times, a little voice reinforcement.  She speaks fluent Pekingese.  Unfortunately, our little Ollie struggle with her weight.  Our other two dogs are fit, almost verging on the thin side.  Ollie gets no more food than the others.  She just wears it, a bit like Oprah.  We love her.  Dame Ollie.

Next is Frances.  Second oldest.  She is a Black Lab Mix and is now around 14 years old.  She is amazing, and probably the best dog I have ever known in my life.  Frances is a Saint.  She is kind, loyal, smart, and completely mannered, to a fault.  She waits until you pass, and follows behind.  She is gentle.  She is fierce.  Frances could cradle a baby and never harm a hair on its head.  Conversely, she would defend me to the death.  Frances has a spirit that certainly must be 1,000 years old.   Dame Frances.

And then Maxine.  A Highland Terrier and Shih Tsu Mix.  Max is older than the hills.  She is now 17.  In her better days, she was THE most adorable little dog.  Sparky, intelligent and overflowing with Moxie.  A bit on the opinionated side, and a vocabulary to match.  At the same time… she as sweet as Southern Charm.  These days, she is senile, and mostly deaf, and mostly blind, and limpy, and scabby.  But her spark is still there.  And we love her.  She is comfortable, and mostly happy…. if she wakes up long enough to notice.  Dame Max.

I write about them, again, because they have each given me so much.  They have made my life better.  They love unconditionally.  and have given me comfort, and joy.  Those dogs have been my friends. They have been my family.  My pals have listened to all my stories, no matter if the prose was happy, or sad, and everything in between.  We have shared long walks, noticing everything in our path.  We’ve gone out on clear nights, and howled at  the moon… because we could.

I am so grateful.  For all of this.

All three, very unique spirits in this world of ours.  And equally as significant. Like humans, in that way.

If only I could find the good words to tell you how absolutely incredible their little lives are…..