The cow jumped over what?


You know those days.  When your “Snap, Crackle & Pop” sounds more like “Plunk, Clop, and Fizz” …. or when your “Hop, Skip and a Jump”…. falls flat.

Things were completely wonky for me today.  If I picked it up, I proceeded to drop it.  If I wanted to go around the wall, I would run right into it.   If I had tried to catch a bus I am certain I would have missed it by minutes.

I should have seen it coming last night, when a plastic deal on the underbelly of my car started dragging.  It makes a raspy, cranky noise when you go slow. But when you speed up, it is barely discernible.   It is kind of like when we were kids, and we attached playing cards in the spokes of our bikes.
Anyway, today was simply out of sync.

Like tonight, I was late getting home.  I just really wanted to get back and fix some dinner.  But I stopped at the grocery.  On my way out, the handle of one of the bags broke.  There were 3 jars of Salsa in that bag.  Two broke.

Earlier in the day, I was driving merrily along, and I nearly hit a rabbit crossing the road.  Thankfully, it was a fast rabbit, and it was able to dodge my big roaring car.

And a few minutes ago, I managed to spill a Diet Coke all over the kitchen counter, where my computer was sitting.  Thankfully it was closed, but even still.

One little mishap after the next all day.

Of course I had to look up my Horoscope for the fun of it.  It went on and on about Venus being in Mercury… causing this… and that.. blah, blah, blah.   And then it said something about the full moon causing the unexpected.

And NOW we are getting somewhere.  Blame it on the Full Moon.
Everybody knows the full moon causes the crazy and the unexpected….

In fact, the moon seems to have it full share of legends and  myths. For instance….

There is the legend of the rabbit in the moon.  Now this one is common to many ancient cultures, including Japanese, Mesoamerican and Chinese traditions.

Here is basically how it goes.  In Japanese folklore, a fox, a rabbit and a monkey are accosted in the woods one evening by an old man.  Unlucky for them.

Hungry, the old man begs the animals for some food. The monkey gathered nuts, the fox stole some fish, but that silly old rabbit — who ate only grass — had nothing to offer.

You know how animals can be….  the fox and the monkey teased the rabbit.  So the rabbit offered himself as a meal and hopped RIGHT ONTO the old man’s fire.

Who wouldn’t be deeply touched?  Of course the old man was!  But here is the big plot twist.  The hungry dude turned out to be a God…. and he gave the rabbit immortal life by placing him on the moon.

And now… it all comes shining through to me.  As clear as a bell.

  1. There is a full moon.
  2. The full moon has a good-deed rabbit living there.
  3. I almost hit a rabbit with my car today.
  4. This near mishap, sent my entire synchronicity out of whack, include a total imbalance of my electrolytes, and triglycerides.
  5. I dropped everything as a result.

And the Universe comes full circle… once again.
Just a hop, skip, and a jump… little rabbit.
Snap, crackle, pop.


“Common sense is the most widely shared commodity in the world, for every man is convinced that he is well supplied with it.”
― René Descartes