The Buck Stops. Period.




Today, I learned…
Let’s see.

We have several state parks here in Ohio.  One is called Buck Creek State Park, located near Springfield.  Apparently there has been very little recreational activity on the lake.  This has been due to low water levels, as a result of a faulty dam.  Those faulty dams.

At any rate the dam needed to be fixed.  So, the dam engineers got together and came up with a dam plan.  First, they had to file for several dam permits.  Then all the dam crews came out, with lots and lots of dam workers.  They have been making dam repairs for quite sometime…. all over the dam place.

Tonight on  WHIO news, they announced the dam was repaired and they were raising the water levels in the lake.  The boaters can boat, and the fishers can fish.   If there were a clock there, those folks would say it was about dam time.

Another thing I learned today…

Serena Williams.  You know her.  Mucho, mucho tennis star.    And dog lover.  She has a little Yorkshire Terrier named Chip.

So… she was recently in Rome for some Italian tennis tournament.  And of course, she and Chip were staying at one of those ultra-luxury hotels.  Room service… out the yang … and all.  But get this.  They have a pet menu included with their room service.

So Selena orders little Chippy the doggie version Salmon dinner.  Their meals come to the roo, and she thinks his looks pretty dang good.  So she eats some of Chippy’s.

Selena.  It is dog food that looks like salmon for crying out loud.  I can tell you from experience, dog food is not a tasty dish.

At any rate, she hurls a couple of hours before tennis time.  Apparently she wasn’t too sick to play though.  She won her match that afternoon.  Rock on, Alpo.

And another.  Do you want some free land?

You could settle down in Loup City, Nebraska, for a little bit of nothing.  They only have 1,000 residents there.  But the city gives away land… if the applicants agree to build some sort of housing  over 1,100 square feet.  And, depending on your income, you could even get an additional $20K toward construction costs.  Loupy.

I looked up their weather.  Annual high temperature:  61°F  Annual low temperature:  35.2°F.   That is about identical for the spot where I am standing now. But they get less precipitation.

If this location were outside of the U.S., I might bite.  Mainly because, I think we will all be eating dog food after the November election.   But you know, I think if we all work together… we might just be able to fix the dam thing.


“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” ~Albert Einstein


“I am afraid we must make the world honest before we can honestly say to our children that honesty is the best policy.” ~George Bernard Shaw


“There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.”~Denis Waitley