The Big Find It

Does everyone search for fulfillment?
Do most people strive to find their true purpose? Their meaning?
This life explained, and expounded?

Or is there any meaning to it? At all?

Is this a journey of expansion?
Or just time, passing by?

You know, since the earth began, there have roughly been 107 billion people to have lived on this planet. At some time or another, throughout history.

About 100 billion of those are dead. There’s presently 7 billion stomping around the ball right now.

And. We all have different aptitudes. Talents. Varying potentials, and capacities. We each have an entire repertoire of likes and dislikes. Some people set goals and timelines. Others just wait and see what happens.

The spectrum is far and wide.

In fact, I imagine there have been 107 billion unique and different thought processes on this very topic. All of which could spin in a million different directions.

Do some people cultivate their self-worth in one area, and give little attention to the others? Is Gary the best brain surgeon in Lansing, yet he treats his wife and kids with anger? Is Larry the nicest guy you’ll ever meet, but he steals money from the people he represents? Is it important to win a football game, or have a high paying job, or to make great fudge? Each person has a separate and distinct existence. The world seems to be filled with “good” and “bad” people — depending on our personal standards of judgment.

It is very interwoven and complex.

Many say our purpose is to help one another. But the question is, who do we help, and how do we help them? Everyone has a need for something entirely different in this life. We all have struggles, and we all need help. How do we? Or, do we?

I don’t know about right or wrong answers for anyone.

I know what I think is right for me.
I think we should find beauty in our own souls. And then somehow, give it to others. I think we are all worthy. We are equals in our right to be here. We have an inner-worth which is unique. All of us.

So we grow, and then we give that of us.
Hopefully, that gift finds the right person, in the right place, in the right time.

And this is just perhaps. Because, we each are our own.


There is no greatness where there is no simplicity, goodness and truth. — Leo Tolstoy


True religion is real living; living with all one’s soul, with all one’s goodness and righteousness. — Albert Einstein


Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not. — Oprah Winfrey