Skippy Go Skip

When I sit down to write this thing at the end of the day, I typically have an idea pop into my head, and I just start writing.  Sometimes, that one “thing” can spin off in a dozen different directions.  Such is the case tonight.

I was thinking about how today’s Sitcoms just don’t seem that funny to me.   From there, my thoughts took a bus ride, all around town.

Here’s where they went.

  1. Sitcoms just aren’t funny.  I don’t watch a single one.  Well then.  What do you like to watch Polly?  Scary. Drama. Suspense. Mysteries.  NCIS-ish type shows. Right now I am watching Bates Motel on Netflix.
  2. Gosh, it has been a LONG time since I saw the original Psycho Movie.  That was so great.
  3. Whoa. Psycho.  My sister used to terrorize me I was little  Whenever I took a shower, and she knew about it, she would sneak in the bathroom and stand behind the shower curtain, all Norman-Bates-Like.  She would raise that knife over her head, and make the screechy Psycho-Sound-Song.  Then she would throw a couple of raw eggs over the top of the curtain rod, and they would smash on the shower tiles.  It scared the pants off me.  Well… I was already Nakers, because I was in the shower.  But it scared me to no end.
  4. How old could we have been?  Not very.  What were we doing watching Psycho?  At that early age?
  5. Ohhhhh…. I wonder if we watched it on Shock Theater.  Good old Shock Theater.  It was on Channel 22.  WKEF.  Yep.  On Saturdays
  6. But it doesn’t seem like we EVER watched that much TV on Saturdays.   We had chores, and then we would always play outside.  Maybe at night.  If Mom & Dad were “out” and the older kids were “babysitting” us.
  7. I bet we watched more TV in the winter time, when we couldn’t go out and play because of Killer-Ohio-Winters.
  8. I wonder if kids in the southern states watched more TV in the winter time?  I mean, if the weather is always sunny & warm… they would probably go outside all year round.
  9. Kids don’t play outside like they used to. Like WE used to.
  10. Winters used to be brutal back then, it seems.  It seems like it got cold, white,  and snowy, and it stayed that way for a long time.  That’s how I remember winters back then.  THAT is when we watched Shock  Theater.
    11.  Dang it. What was that guy’s name?  The one who hosted the show.  Dr. Creep?  That was it.  That guy was… creepy.
    12.  That’s when I started liking “other worldly” shows.  Like Vincent Price movies, and The Twilight Zone, and Alfred Hitchcock.  Oh my gosh.. “Ten Little Indians.”

….. … …. And that is how my thought pattern goes.  Like a flat rock, skipping across the pond.  It just goes and goes and goes… and then… kerplunk.