Ready. Connection.

leeeeaaafffere spideeeeree

Connections.  We sure do try to make them sometimes.   It seems that first we have considerations, and from there we try to correlate that idea or thought, with the next idea, thought, or action.

Like this here spider.  Let’s consider it.  By my count, that spider has eight legs, and eight eyes.  That sounds about right.  I mean…. humans have two legs, and two eyes.  Same with owls, and chimpanzees.   But wait.  That is not so much true with dogs or horses, or even those donkeys that walk down the path of the Grand Canyon.  They have four legs, but only two eyes.

I’m not seeing a ready connection.  I certainly can’t think of any beings I know, which have four eyes, and two legs.  Unless, I am walking around with my glasses on… which…. is most of the time, now that I think of it.

Old four-eyes… coming your way.

So… does the number of legs…. have anything to do with good eyesight?  Apparently not.  Birds of prey, like eagles, falcons, owls, hold the top honors.  They see WAY better than humans. Like 8 times more clearly.  That’s two eyes, two legs.

Big cats are next in the eyesight department.  Their vision is extremely keen, mostly for the big hunt of food.  Two eyes, four legs.

Then there is the night category.  Prosimians, like lemurs and bushbabies, see the heck out of the darkness.  Two eyes… but I’m not sure how you would even classify legs.  Those crazy lemurs.

Goats.  Our sweet goats.  They look a little evil in the eye.  But those slotted pupils and the position of the eyes on their heads, lets them see 330 degrees around.  That’s just shy of a Excorist-full-head-swivel.   Two eyes, four legs.

So there you have it.   I can not find the correlation between eyes and legs in beings.

Let’s try another subject.  How about  this leaf.  It is furry.   Why would a leaf need some fuzzy old facial hair?  Let’s think.   Most men grow beards to keep their necks warmer in the winter time.  Clearly, that will not make a difference to this leaf…. which has already fallen from the tree and died.  HEY!  Wait a little minute.  Maybe it is BACK HAIR on that leaf…. which would mean…. …. … absolutely….. … nothing….. … at all.

Which makes me wonder about the conclusion.  

OK. I think the moral of the story, the connection to the consideration… is this.  A quote by Neil Armstrong…  a man who was terrified of spiders, yet loved the color of leaves in the fall.  He said…

“Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand.”

Pretty profound for a space man.  And apropos… as I am feeling like a space cadet.


“There is no wealth like knowledge, and no poverty like ignorance.”  – Buddha


“To be surprised, to wonder, is to begin to understand.”  – José Ortega y Gasset