News up to our knees.

There’s a lot going on in the world these days. The stress of things — the politics, the environment, the violence, the domestic terrorism. All of this can have the ability to topple our balance. Any of it can bump right into us, and cause our spirits to stumble.

The news in recent days has been beyond bad. It has been horrific.

Where do we go from here? What do we do? I’ve been giving this some long hard thought. The answers, to me, seem to be in the hands of those “in power.” And I am not one of those.

But we have to step away, sometimes. We have to see something else, or do something different, to keep us in the “bigger” mix. This morning, I looked at some lesser headlines, to ferret out some good news.

But then. This.

Perkins & Marie Callender’s have announce that they are going to close 29 locations and file for bankruptcy. Oh. C’mon. Perkins, of all things? Now? And Marie Callender’s to boot? I’ve never eaten at one of Marie’s restaurants, but she sure does make some good things in the freezer section at Kroger’s. And Perkins. Don’t they make pancakes? Pancakes are supposed to make people feel better. What with all that maple syrup. If it really is. And now? It’s coming to an end. Oh, blah.

Onto the next headline, which had to do with the big power outage in NYC. The one that happened back on July 13. They are reporting that they have finally figured out the reason. And here it is:

A “flawed connection” between key pieces of equipment at a New York City electrical substation, is what Con Edison said Monday.

It took them three weeks to say they had a “flawed connection?” Hell, I am no electrician, and I live all the way in Ohio, and I could have told them they had a failed connection. That’s how electric works, or in this case, did not work. Another blah.

And then. In Kentucky. This. A Kentucky mother was arrested last weekend. She allegedly snorted drugs. But where those drugs came from is the big to-do. They were hidden inside of her. In a body cavity. All of this, while she was in the back of a police cruiser. Apparently, she pulled a baggie out of one of those cavities. She took a few hits. And tried to hide the baggie back where she found it. Once again. Blah.

It seems just a little too much, doesn’t it? So, yeah. I was beating my head against the kitchen wall, when I looked down and saw little Lou. He came over and stretched out both arms in front of him, putting those paws on my shoes, looking up, and wagging his fluffy little tail, like crazy.

I scooped him up and hugged him. Then, he, and Ollie and I, took a quick walk down to the Koi pond and feed the grateful fish. Those Koi are always thankful, even while munching down the same food, each and every time. On our way back up to the house, we saw a two tiny butterflies on our yellow flowers, whatever those flowers are. The sky was blue and clear. We could hear birds calling out their distinctive ditties, and even saw a fly-by, or two.

When we open our eyes, at the very first thing in the morning, maybe we should sit for a moment and appreciate. Maybe just be thankful for the gift of a new day. And in that moment, if we can create a peaceful thought, it might be helpful. It might stay with us, and be good, not only for us, but for those around us. Those we touch.

The headlines will still be there. But we’ve created some better headlines, of our own.


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”-Mark Twain


“It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”-J. K Rowling


“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson