My X’s. And Ohhhhs.

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Genetics.  What are they…. and just who the heck is responsible.

Well, for you and I, we know who is directly responsible.  It happened when that guy and that gal… spotted each other from across the room.  It might have been the way she danced.  Or.  It was the wink across the table as they ate dinner, or the funny way he told a joke.  There are a million different ways that attraction started, but it did.  Whenever that was.  The moment when our Moms & our Dads knew they wanted to be someone’s Mom & Dad.

And unto this world… we were born.  With their dang genetics.  I say dang genetics, because no one is perfect.  We all have our flaws.

As defined.  Genetics is basically the study of hereditary characteristics.
The passing on of physical or mental characteristics from one generation to another.

We are our parents.  Or a combination there of.  In some cases, this is a very great and awesome thing.  And then on occasion… it is not so grand.   It really all depends on the who, what, where, and why.

Take my parents for example.  All around, they were probably two of the best parents in the whole world… not that I am biased…  or anything.


There is always a but.

They had noses that put Jimmy Durante to shame.  Honest to goodness.  If you look up Schnoz in the dictionary….. there…. you will find a photo of my Mom or my Dad.  Either one.  Maybe both.

So, the seven kids didn’t have much of a chance in the nose department.  I have a couple of sisters with moderate noses.  But the rest of us…..  sssshhhhhhoooooooooowwwwweeeeee.  I have the nose of all noses.  I will tell you right now.

But that is the thing with genetics.  This whole deal is passed from one generation, to the next, to the next, and on and on.  It is truly pretty mind boggling when you consider it.  I mean… jump back…. even 500 years ago.  Your Mom, and your Dad… got together…. ONLY because their parents go together.  And back and back.   It keeps going that way, trust me.

So, let’s say 500 years ago… in the year….1516.  This was the year Leonardo da Vinci accepts Francis I’s invitation to France.  It was also the  year the Treaty of Brussels was constructed.  This meant peace was declared between the Kingdom of France and the Holy Roman Empire.    And it just so happens that in Bamberg, Germany, a guy named Heinnrich, met a girl named Anna… and they had a child named Gertrude.  And that little Gerty would be my WAY, WAY back Grandma.  Probably.

And she had the cutest, little teeniest, button nose. Just as sweet as sweet could be.   But with the free fall of rampant genetics… it all came down to this.  The thing between my eyes.

I am not complaining though.  I am grateful for every little part of me.  It all  works, for now.  And it is okay that I have the nose of all noses.

I mean… I can smell a flea fart a whole football field away.

And that is the beauty… and the wrath…. of genetics.

Oh… and by the way.

YOU, are a genetically engineer masterpiece.
Go out today.  And Be..…. that wonderful, wonderful YOU.