Muppet Old



Emit.  It is one of those words, don’t you know?  I mean, it sort of sounds like one of the Muppets’ names.  Emit could be a distant cousin of Bert, Ernie, or a good friend to Fonzie or Kermit.

But as the dictionary spells out… to EMIT is to…..release, give off, pour out, send forth, throw out, spout, spew out, emanate, radiate, or exude.

To radiate, is mostly how I think of it.

Putting all of that aside, if you really consider the word… it is TIME spelled backwards.  What that means exactly, I swear to dog I don’t know.

But it sure does have me thinking about time.  And so the whole day has gone.  Yes, today, we celebrated my Mom’s 92nd birthday.  She doesn’t feel 92 and you can quote her on that.

We had the birthday party at our house, and 4 out of the 7 of her children were here.  Two grandchildren.  Three daughters-in law.  And miscellaneous others.  One of my brothers called during dinner, so really 5 siblings were here.  It was a great day, and Mom did really seemed to enjoy herself.  Especially the Carrot Cake.

Lucy Kronenberger is very sweet and caring.  She is a kind-hearted woman indeed.  And. She has led a good life.  I really can’t imagine life 92 years ago.  I mean, Warren G. Harding was President, for crying out loud.

You know what else? A baby born on this day…and there probably was one or two… who lives to be 92 years old…. will be around here until the year, 2107.  That is right.  Twenty-one oh seven.  I really can’t image life 92 years from now either.

Which brings me back to time.  Emit spelled backward.  Maybe, for all the time we are here, we are supposed to radiate, and exude.  Good energy and thought.  Happy, like a Muppet.  And who knows, maybe it is all as simple as that.


Do not go gentle into that good night but rage, rage against the dying of the light.
— Dylan Thomas