Look at YOU.




You are magnificent.  I am not just saying that either.  You really are.

All of us, have the awesome in us.  Every moment.

I think, that in any second, we are just one heartbeat away from being completely incredible.  It is then for us, simply to do, or do not.

In any moment, we are… how we choose.

We can respond to something in anger, or we can respond to it in peace.
We can listen more deeply, or we can talk right over everyone in our midst.
We can be soft, and kind, and aware.  Or we can be callous, and insensitive.
We can be fair, or unjust.

We are not the “thing” that happened to us. We are what we choose to become.
We are just one breath away from that greatness.  It is always in our midst.

Does this require strength, and knowledge?  Kindness and openness?  Willingness?  Heck yes.

But remember, we are boundless in this.  We are.

Whenever, if ever we find ourselves doubting how far we can go… all we need to do is to remember how far we have already come. We have all faced things in our lives, and we have overcome them.  We are here, aren’t we?

Our greatest strength is in our hearts.  Our kind hearts.  Don’t apologize for being sensitive, or emotional, or feeling.   Let it be a sign …… a proud medal of honor… this golden heart of ours.  And we don’t mind showing it to others.  This is a true strength.

Today, be beautiful you.  Be magnificent you.
Because you are.   Because.  We are.

AND a P.S.
Some good side notes from today.  The things that made me happy.
• My chickens follow me whenever I go outside.  I love those chickens.
• I voted today.  America, for all its troubles and turns, is still a great place to call home.
• Winter, is going away.  Spring is coming, despite the still-present-overtones-of-brown-and-gray.
• I woke up today. AND in my own bed, in my own home… and for breakfast… I ate my homegrown eggs. That might be why the chickens are tailing me.