Little Creatures

gggggeeeeesssee geesebabes peadytwo peadyone


Okay, let’s figure that out first.
schmuck |SHmək| (also shmuck)
noun  – N. Amer. informal
a foolish or contemptible person.

There you have it.  A contemptible person.  One who is worthless and despicable.   In Yiddish, it is considered a complete vulgarity.  In its “Yiddish” original meanings, it gives reference to the penis, of all things.

However, over the years, it has become a widely acceptable term in the American Language…..a common American idiom for “jerk” or “idiot”.

And here is how our languages go.  In the German tongue…. the word Schmuck means “jewelry, adornment”.

I was going to start all of this off by saying… “I am one big schmuck.”  But that seems all too complicated at this point.  You would not know if I was merely acting like jewelry, or behaving like a penis, or possibly just being an idiot.  The latter was my intent.

But I won’t use schmuck here. I don’t want to offend our Yiddish readers.  A big shout out to the  Yiddish Readers!

Okay.  Instead.  I will say….
I am a big sap.  A foolish and gullible person.  That is probably a better description of me, myself, and I.

Today, little Peady went home.  Peady is the dog I found on Saturday.  She was a pretty old Chihuahua.   Brown, with graying-ness.  Limpy.  I fell completely for this little dog.  As it turns out, she has lived at the Shelter for a couple of years, and was recently adopted.  The new owner was feeling sick on Saturday morning. She let Peady outside, and forgot about her.  I came upon her Saturday afternoon in the middle of a busy street.

I have been reassured that this was an total glitch, and it won’t happen again.  I did not want to give her up. But I did.  I felt I had to.  And tonight I am sad.

Here is my double dose of sadness.  We got our geese, Millie and Jack, when they were just hatched.  Their night time quarters have been in a large pen in our garage since that first meeting.  That was back in mid-April.  Each evening, we would go get the geese from the barnyard.  They waddle-follow-us back to the garage,  and then… I spend time with them.    Okay, I sort of read to them, and maybe even sing a song to them.    Geese can be pretty demanding.  You know…. Dinner AND a Show.

Tonight we finally made the move to keep them in their outdoor Goose-House in the barnyard.  I am pretty much under protest.  And more pointedly… I’m a sad sappy schmuck.

It was one dog I only knew for three days.
And two geese I’ve only known for four months.

I’ll see the geese again.
I probably won’t see the dog.

Heart on my sleeve. Heart on my other sleeve.

I guess that is all the good part of being a human though.   We have these feelings, these things called emotions.   The things that come from about 20,000 Leagues Beneath the Sea of our Hearts.  Pretty deep.

They can feel fairly bad at times.  And then… then… at times…they can feel wonderfully incredible.  The Pendulum.  And how it can swing in our lives.

Again, I know this is tiddly-winks on the greater scheme of things, but there’s no getting around it.  I miss those little creatures, once I get to know them.  It tugs at my heart-strings.   I have always been this way.


… ….   ….
… hey… … did I ever tell you about my Pet Rock I had… when I was 11 years old?  Yeah, I woke up one morning, and found it had run away with my slingshot.
It left a huge mark on me.  Right between the eyes.    And I haven’t been the same since.


Goodnight Jack. Goodnight Millie..  .. … and to little Peady…. Good bye.

“Missing someone is your heart’s way of reminding you that you love them.”  — Unknown