Just another thread.


Sometimes the clever runs out.  So tonight, I decided to draw instead.  I have a “random list of things to draw” which I consult from time to time.  Tonight I decided to do a random selection, draw it first, and then write about it.  The indiscriminate selection was a Spool of Thread.

The first thing that came to mind is that I don’t know how to sew.  Well, I KNOW how… I just completely suck at.  When I put a button on a shirt, it looks like Dr. Frankenstein was sitting at the Singer again.

Terrible.  My oldest brother can sew like crazy.  In fact, he does it now for a living.  He makes beautiful things, like wedding gowns, and dresses for the Seattle Opera.  He puts secret pockets in Security Vests, and makes all sorts of well-fed-fashions.  I’m not sure where the rest of the siblings fall on the sewing scale, but I bet Ed and I are the two bookends.

My Mom sewed all the time.  She made a lot of our clothes when we were kids.  She made the most of her own clothes too.

Maybe that was my aversion to it all.  I didn’t want to walk around wearing Polyester Pant Suits.  For obvious reasons.

But the spool of thread itself, has a wealth of associations.  Like The Sound of Music.  Doe, a deer. A female deer.  Sew, a needle pulling thread….

Yeah, I’m getting all Julie Andrews on you.

Another spool of thread connection.  Mice stools. And.  Little checkered table cloths on the bigger spools. Like mini tables and chairs. Little mouse spaghetti dinners on those spool tables … and tiny candles wedged in itty bitty Chianti bottles.

We could go on all night.

But really, spools of thread are a lot like life.  Sometimes, they are wound up and in line perfectly.  Other times they come unraveled and get all knotted up.

The Spools come in different sizes and shapes, and weight, and purposes… just like life.  But, when you first start out, you think there will always be more than enough thread on that spool.  But when it gets toward the end, you wonder if you  will have enough thread to get the job done.

And that… is a spool of thread…  for tonight’s online thread.