Jar Head, Honey.

ddddaaaaiididybigggeeeesse  littlelelgeessse


I really don’t have much tonight.  My busy brain is on a little circling pattern.  Like a plane, waiting to land at O’Hare.

The only think that comes to mind is the song by Kenny Loggins.  Opening line, second stanza… “Winnie the Pooh doesn’t know what to do.  Got a honey jar stuck on his nose.”

The line just keeps playing again and again, on my internal radio station.

I guess…… that’s kind of how I feel today.

You know, when you are rolling along sooooo good.  You are feeling well.  You got both of your paws in the honey jar… no bees in sight… and you are jones-ing on the stuff.   The honey is so incredibly delicious.  Heck.  Magically delicious.   Tasting like sunshine.  And you are just having the time of your life.

A little more… yep.  Just a little more…. and then.

Uh-oh.  You got the dag-nabbin’ jar stuck on your nose.  And it isn’t budging.   Now you are in a jam.  No pun intended.  Not only is this embarrassing, it is completely uncomfortable.

You go to your best friend, seeking help and advice… and from there no one knows you go.  Maybe ask the Owl, if he’s there….  how to loosen the jar. (From the nose of a bear…)

And so it goes.

There are parts of life which seem to bring such great measures of joy.  And then, in the midst of it, some little thing gives reason to ponder the whole entire scheme of things.

News headlines will do this.  Or some little communication mishap between two …. a me and a you.  Or maybe we just say the wrong thing at the wrong time.  It could be any little glitch in the clockworks.  Who knows?

There is so much we don’t know in this world.  Things we will probably never, ever, understand.  Like why Donald  Trump insists on wearing his hair that way…  or why Cinderella’s shoe fell off her foot… when it was supposed to be a perfect fit.   Or why Tattoo always felt the need to yell out… “Da Plane.  Da Plane.”

But there are other things we don’t know too.  Like why there is such hatred in the world.  Or why our Quantum Physics brainiacs  can’t seem to nail down the actual atomic shape and structure of things.  Or what really IS in those black holes in space.   Why Bigfoot only gives  little glimpse of himself. Or the fact that if geese had paws, they would be much better at running.

The mysteries of life are with us daily.
Some are mind boggling.
Some are hard to take.
And others feel like you will never loosen the honey jar from your nose.

Who knows.
Who knows.