Jack the Knife

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Some nights, I struggle with finding something to write about.   Other times, there seem to a blue million events which happen during the day… and I want to recount all of them here.

Today was one of those days.  Nothing spectacular.  Just a bunch of things which I found mildly interesting.

So. Well… …. …

Now that I start to write about them, “mildly interesting” might be an overstatement.   But here is one thing.

I cut the living sh!t out of my thumb today.  Now, you can save all the well-wishes, if you’d like.  I know you wish me well, and want me to get better quickly.  But that it what we humans do, by the very nature of it. We heal.  Yeppers.   In most cases, we heal.

Right now it feels like The Little Drummer Boy is rah-pah-pumming on the end of my thumb.  But in a few days, he’ll go away.  The skin will begin to grow back together.  Those cells will find a way to merge carefully back in to traffic.  And within a couple of weeks, I’ll barely know that knife was there. … where it did not belong in the first place.

But dag nab it.  I really dislike when I cut myself.  It makes me a little on the angry side.    I used to do it frequently. I wasn’t paying attention then.  And. That is the only explanation.

Granted, I eat a boat-load of fresh vegetables and fruits every day.  I have the Frequent Flyers Card for the Produce Department at Marsh.  And with the endeavor  of eating  a lot of fruits and vegetables, comes a lot of cutting and chopping. With sharp knives.

It used to be a week would not go by, without me cutting a digit, in one way or another.  Again, my own mindless fault.  “Hurry, hurry, hurry.  Don’t keep your mind on what you are doing.  Slice, dice, chop, chop, chop.”  And before you knew it… I was looking like Julia Child in the classic skit from Saturday Night Live.

The other Saturday Night Live skit I resemble are The Coneheads with Dan Ackroyd and Jane Curtain.  I too….eat a mass quantity of Fried Chicken Embryos.

But back to it.  These days, I work a lot more on staying in the moment.  Keeping my mind in the now.  It helps.  Not only in keeping your hands wound-free, but in keeping your energy where it is supposed to be.

I mean.. how many of us are guilty of having a conversation in our head… that we will never have in the future. .. … or one that  we can never go BACK and have?   I try very hard not to have those monologues any more.

The other voices in my head are grateful.

But today, I was yammering it up with Mary as I was cutting.  Politics was the root of our discussion.  Well. Now I know I can’t do that either.

So, my lesson here, once again, is to stay here.  In this moment.  “Now” is the only place where life can be found.  Really.  Not one minute ago, and not a minute from now.  They are gone, or have not arrived.  It is all right HERE.

The “Now” of life is exactly as it is.  Only because it can’t be otherwise.  It stays instantly, directly, immediately… now.

And right now, I am grateful, for cutting my thumb.  Because it lead me here.  For whatever reason.   Exactly where I am supposed to be.  Sitting right here… with a huge cut on my thumb.

And so are you.  (Well, minus the flesh wound.)

And that is the beauty of our lives.  It is all happening now.