Have a ball. Bingo.

Scenes from the farm.

Dear Mr. Bingo,
Or is it okay to just call you Bingo?  I mean, you are the farmer… had a dog…  and Bingo was his name-o.

You can call me Polly-o.  My dog’s name is Maxine.  And Frances.  And Ollie.  You should probably tell people your dog’s name.  Everyone else, who hears the song, gets confused, and think your dog’s name is Bingo.  I know.  Ridiculous.

At any rate, I am writing to officially enter in your “Scenes from the farm” Contest.  While I don’t have an actual farm, I do live out in the country.  And the word “farm” turns around all sorts of way in Webster’s.

So I will offer a brief explanation for each.

#1. The Fish Pond

Okay, this isn’t an actual Farm-Pond-Fish-Pond.  It is more like a Pet Fish Pond.  This is a photo of Bertha.  We also call her The Bus.  She is one of our pet Koi, and is more than 11 years old.  She loves to eat, as you can see from the photo.  She is the color of the Pittsburgh Steelers, so the Orange and Black Koi hate her.  Same with the Orange and White Koi.  Bertha is outnumbered…but she transcends the pond hatred.

I bet you don’t watch football at your farm, do you Bingo?  I bet I DO know what you play.  N-24.  G-89.



This is Jack.  He is a Buff Goose.  Not buff, like Justin Thomas buff.  You know… like someone who works out… muscular… ripped… cut.  Buff.  No.  Jack is a Goose and his breed is called Buff.   Jack has a sister named Millie.  That is her butt in the photo.   A Buff Butt. They love to take walks with me, and eat grass.  These are pet geese….. .. sort of like our pet fish.  Only…different water-dwellers.



For the birds.  We have a lot of birds.  This is one of our feeders.  We have a lot of feeders too.  While the birds here aren’t actually our pets, we feel deep down inside that they are.  They fly on command.  Every time we walk out there, waving our arms… we can get all of them to fly away.  In this photo, one of the Goldfinches is practicing as the others look on.



This is a dandelion. Out near our campfire pit.   It is the closest thing we have to a crop.  We do not consider our dandelions pets.  At all.

Well Mr. Bingo.  I hope you enjoyed my photos.   You and your nameless dog are welcome to stop by any time you would like, and see all these things for yourself.  And by the way.  I really like your name-o.



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