Guppy Breath

Fish cough. I just learned this today.

I am not sure what precipitates this. But they cough. This might not be a big deal, say, if a Guppy coughs. But what if a Blue Whale lets off a big one.

I guess that doesn’t count, since a whale is a mammal and not a fish. But mammals cough. So maybe the Blue Whale thing is something we should all be worried about the next time we are traveling by boat.

Oh. There’s a lot out there we don’t know. The things we do not understand.

A lot out there.  The old introduction to Star Trek used to tout: Space: The Final Frontier.

I got news for them. There is no final frontier. We are a part of infinity. All of this is endless. We will never know. Not as hard as we try. As long as we are in our human bodies, living and breathing, we lack the capacity to understand the immensity.

We have a lot of really smart humans. But we are not smart in the right way to comprehend. I don’t think we are even close.

So. Yes. Fish cough. I didn’t know that ten minutes ago. Astronomers today have seen objects 13 billion light years away. That, in a universe which is 13.7 billion years old containing hundreds of billions of galaxies. And here we are with our coughing fish, and god only knows what else, located in one of those galaxies, known as the Milky Way.

Since we have that thought in our midst, I really think we should rename our Galaxy. The other beings of the Universe will never take us seriously, what with a galaxy named for a chocolate bar with whipped up malt-nougat and caramel inside.

Somewhere, a fish just coughed.
And Sea Cucumbers eat with their feet.
With their feet. Not like they use their feet to get the food up to their little Sea Cucumber mouths. They ingest, through them.
It is a darn good thing humans are not built this way. Think of the horrible repercussions. We are already gross enough as it is. But think of the smorgasbords. Complete chaos would ensue.

I think smorgasbords should be outlawed anyway. Grazing on endless fried-food-stuffs dipped in gravy, has to be worse than smoking, I would think. And people are no longer permitted to smoke in restaurants. Hence, the ban on the Bord.

Grazing should be done in the grass. And what about that? The smell of fresh cut grass comes from the chemicals plants release when in distress. Yes, when we injure plants, they call out in distress and release a little odor blip. When I learned this about plants, it sure made me sad for them. But conversely, it made me happy, because I eat meat and this seems to help that conundrum.

We breathe it all in. The Universe in full circle and we are a little tiny part of the amazing swirl. The spinning. The moving. The endless vibration of atoms, and the smaller. All wrapped up in this great, big, endless infinity. That is us. That is where we live. All together. Sharing. Breathing it all in. And. Interestingly enough, about 70% of the oxygen we breathe is produced by the oceans.

Yes. Full Circle. You many have just sucked in a bit of a fish cough.


“The problem with introspection is that it has no end.”
― Philip K. Dick


“I’m so tired… I was up all night trying to round off infinity.”
― Steven Wright


“Choose well. Your choice is brief, and yet endless.”
― Goethe