Good Trolls. They Sing.

I’m a little Siskel and Eibert, tonight I suppose.  The boys came over, and we watched a movie called Trolls.  Their pick.  There may be a Spoiler Alert ahead, just in case you plan on seeing this Classic Event.  The epic movie is geared toward the 5-to-10-year-old crowd.  And it stars… Trolls.  You know.  Trolls.  Like the little glassy-eyed-dolls with the fuzzy-hair-a-mile-high.  They used to run around all Nakers in the 60s and 70s.  Now, in the movie, they mostly wear clothes.

I, for one, thought we were going to see a movie about the kind of Trolls which are under the Bridges.   Gnarly, Toothy, Trolls.  Ah….But in this case… the little Naker Trolls are okay too…. in their own right.  Just very colorful.  And happy. And way energetic.  Maybeeeee….. tooooo…. Energetic.  And they sing.  A LOT.

Any way.  The Movie.

It stars the little Princess of the Trolls.  Her name is Poppy.  Are you getting all this?  Because, by god, it is highly important and complex.

The premise…. is that the Trolls are happy little dudes.  Happy.  And small.  Then, right next door to their little Kingdom, is a The Kingdom of Bergens.  Bergens are sad, big, forbidding.  They eat Trolls, once a year… to be happy.  The Celebration is called Trollstice. Crunchy Trollstice.

So, you might imagine where this adventure will take you.  Good Little Trolls try to stay out of the mouths of the Mean Ugly Big Bergens.  And the intrigue ensues.  I won’t spoil the ending.  It is a real nail-biter, I’ll tell you.  Literally.

But.  The Moral of the Story is this.  We all have happiness inside.  We don’t need things from the outside to make us happy.  Our very own happiness is all packed right up in our very being.

Slap.  You know, just this minute, I got some CNN Updates flash across the computer screen which upended me.  The things I read were very upsetting on so many levels. I was just getting ready to write about the that neat little ending of the radiant and jubilant movie.  Warm fuzzy exultant Trolls.

Slap again.  Slap myself.  You know, that was the point.  That  TRULY was… and IS… the moral of the story.  The happiness is inside of us.  Uniquely.  Maybe happy isn’t the best word… but inner peace.

You see, in this moment, I cannot do a thing about those headlines.  Not right now, or right here.  But I have to make the choice, not to let those “happenings” ruin my night, or my day, or my week.  My inner peace is mine.  My place of content, and center, is in ME.  And if I choose to give that away, shame on me.

No I will not.  I will continue to focus on kindness, and goodness, and acting with a compassionate heart and head.  That is what we are supposed to do, we humans.  So the cute Trolls were right.  The happiness really is found inside.

And for the rest of the crazy in the world?  The Bergens, and the Trolls under the Bridge?  If enough good people stick together, work for that good, and keep their wits and their peace about them, I think we will be just fine.  That is my hope.  And my prayer.  And sometimes, believing in the Trolls is the best thing we can do.