Glad for we.

Be glad you are you. I’ll tell you. Right now. You are like magic. Simply spectacular in more ways than can be counted. It is the way you bake those peanut butter brownies. And. Your amazing biceps. That funny little skip-thing you do when you are jogging. Oh, and then there is the way that you go out of your WAY to pick up other people’s trash. There was the time you held the door open at the bank for Bad & Grumpy Carl. You are wonderful for all those things, and then some. Remarkable. Do you know what everyone calls you? “An Example.” Yes, you are the one who leads by your actions. And. We notice.

At least. That’s what I think of you.

Somedays may not feel so spectacular though. I read a bit of philosophy this morning about finding the wonder in each moment. You know the drill. That very “thing” that we are “supposed” to do in our new awareness. I have talked about it here: Staying in the moment. The Present. The philosophical piece I was reading went on to say that longing for another time or place or experience, breeds discontentment. It takes away from our current wonder.

Some of this I agree with. But, there are times, and circumstances in life, when the present moment is for crap. There are occurrences, or happenings, which are completely deplorable and horrible for some people. I think it would be difficult to find the wonder, the joy, the glory, in those particular times.

I don’t know. There is so much about being human that I haven’t quite ironed out, at this point in my life. My mind is in a constant state of seeking understanding. It is sometimes bombarded with questions. But the “answers” never quite line up to be black and white, or even hard-fast. Those answers are more like yellow Jell-O. In a see-through rubber bowl.

But I’ve gotten off the path here a bit. I started out by saying that you should be glad for who you are, exactly. I mean, you could be an Exploding Ant. Yes. An Exploding Little Ant. They are the poorest little worker ants in their ant tribes. The lowest of the low in their colonies. And when a predator attacks the colony, the little Exploder Ant Dude drops whatever he is doing, runs up to the attacker, and explodes himself into oblivion, casting a gooey and toxic greenish-yellow substance all over the guy. And that is that.

Now. THAT, is a moment for you.

Or you could be a Cardinal. Not the normal, flying-around-the-sky Cardinal. But the kind that thinks it sees another bird like himself in the reflection of the window. And then he repeatedly pecks, flies into, bumps, nudges, and attacks the glass of the window. Obsessively. For hours, and then days, and weeks, at a time. Relentlessly. And the reflection never goes away and the moment is stuck there. Bashing and crashing. Finally, four months later, his internal clock tells him that it is time to migrate. So he flips off the guy in the window, and leaves. And that is that. Another moment.

I read something else today. But the thing this person wrote angered me. I wanted to respond, and really let them have it.

But at what cost? What moment gone? Exploding. Crashing, and bashing.

There are many reasons to be glad for who we are, exactly as we are. For most of us, we have been given so much. Like bodies that work, and minds that can think.

You know. I guess today I will find wonder in that moment. I will focus on all those good things I have. No matter where that moment seems to be.

Oh, and I am especially going to try not to step on any ants. I wouldn’t want to be the one, that, that, well you know.


“Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.
Focus on your character, not your reputation.
Focus on your blessings, not your misfortunes.”
― Roy T. Bennett


“The unthankful heart discovers no mercies; but the thankful heart will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings.”
― Henry Ward Beecher


“To be content is to count your blessings.”
― Lailah Gifty Akita