First Man and Pudding Day

Today is Abe Lincoln’s birthday.

Now there was a guy. A truly great man, and in my opinion, the best President the United States has ever had. I won’t go into all the details of his life, like a normally do here, with a birthday homage. We all know. Born in Kentucky. Died in D.C. He was only 56 years old when he was murdered.

Stopped short.

They called him Honest Abe. Now there might be something for Presidents, these days, to consider. The one that we currently have doesn’t seem to have any kind of filter when it comes to telling lies. Or sleeping with hookers. Or degrading anyone who isn’t white, and male.

He could take a few lessons from Abe. Good Abe.

But I’ll leave it there.

Because today is also National Plum Pudding Day. Sometimes referred to as Christmas pudding. And Plum Pudding is a bit of a lie, if you must know. Since we were just talking about lies. You see. There are typically no plums in Plum Pudding.

First off the bat, it doesn’t sound that great to me. It hails from England. It is a steamed or boiled pudding. Blech.

As I mentioned, in most recipes, plum pudding contains no plums. And here is the deal. In the 17th century, plums were referred to as raisins. Mostly. There is one more thing that I question about it. The nutmeg. Chock full of nutmeg.
You may as well take me out back and shoot me.

Albeit, Plum Pudding has a redemption factor. In England, in an old tradition, every person in the home holds onto the wooden spoon together to help stir the batter. Now, this could be problematic with large families such as mine. I guess a really large spoon would do the trick. The other potential problem, say, with my family, is getting everyone to stir in the same direction. Again, some sort of agreement would have to be made prior to the Plum Pudding event.

Anyway, back to the ritual. While the family members are stirring, they also have to make a wish. Here again. Another inherent pitiful. The wish. Are there separate wishes for everyone, or does there have to be an “agreed upon” wish? Separate wished could completely jack around with the Cosmos. Say little Timmy wishes for snow. And little Sarah wishes for sunny hot days and butterflies. And Johnny wants mudslides. Not actual masses of earth material sliding down hillsides, but the drink, Mudslide, made with Vodka, Khalua, Baileys, and Cream. Johnny is going to grow up to be trouble, me thinks.

Oh, for goodness sakes. I just think Plum Pudding Day is bad all the way around. I hadn’t even mentioned the matter of little narcissistic Jack Horner, pulling out plums with his thumbs, and declaring his “good boy” status.

Plum pudding has also been known to be called plum duff. Duff is a word for pudding, but it also can be defined as “incorrect or false.”

And there we are full circle.
I bet Lincoln hated Plum Pudding. The nutmeg thing.


Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power. — Abraham Lincoln


My dream is of a place and a time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope of earth. — Abraham Lincoln


When I do good I feel good, when I do bad I feel bad, and that’s my religion. — Abraham Lincoln


Whatever you are, be a good one. — Abraham Lincoln