Duck. Duck. Goose.

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Who knew that spending time with geese could be so much fun.  But wouldn’t you know.  Baby geese are good.

We’ve had our little feathered friends less than a week.  They are a lot different than chickens, I will tell you that much right now.  Baby chickens are a bit timid.  A big bit timid.

But baby geese are just crazy for you.  They simply seem to be looking for someone to call “Mom.”  At least ours seem to be.

And as with any youngsters, their little bodies are still trying to figure out how it all works.  These little geese start running with reckless abandon.  And when webbed feet get moving too fast…  you can be certain that a face plant will ensue.  Or a bill plant.  At any rate… it reminds me when an NFL player gets tackled hard, and he comes up with a big clump of sod stuck in his face mask.  That is exactly what happens to the little goslings.  They come up with a bill-full of grass.

They are cute, even still. Fuzzy cute.

They love us. They love our dogs.  Our dogs are not sure what to make of it.  But they are very kind to the new babies.

And what better way to spend a Sunday, than hanging with your dogs and your geese?   And your Koi and your chickens.

All cuteness aside, we can learn a lot from the animal world.  Heck.  It is all a part of our world.  Everything is very connected. But with animals…. well… they seem to just know.  They know how to be exactly who they are.

There are no grudges, or insecurities, resentments, or dishonesty.  They don’t know prejudice, or injustice.  They simply live.  Simple brained, you say?  Maybe that is all it is.  But perhaps, they just understand, how it is supposed to be.  Just be.  And they seem to love.  Unconditionally.

Yes, all of it is connected.  Just like the dots.  When you can finally see the connections between each and every dot, you see the very big picture.  You see the big reveal.

So there it is. Us. And the geese, and the dogs.  And the cuteness of it all.  You could almost here the Disney music playing in the background.  And just when it couldn’t be any more of a  Zippity-Doo-Dah-Day….. ….. … a big hawk swoops down…. snatches a nearby Mourning Dove… and devours it.

And you stand there with your mouth agape, saying WTF.  What about the dag-nabbin’-dots???  What about the love??  Then you realize you better get the baby geese inside to safety.  Because apparently the hawk did NOT get the memo on the “Oneness of the Universe.”

And we live and we learn.



It is never too late to be what you might have been. – George Eliot

All our dreams can come true–if we have the courage to pursue them. – Walt Disney

If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way. – Napoleon Hill