Duck. Duck. Goose.


As luck, and fate would have it… we have a couple of geese.  A boy goose… and… a girl goose.  And today… that girl goose laid her first egg.  And a big honking egg at that.    Millie the Giver.

She and Jack have been doing a funny dance lately too.  I suspect before long, one of those goose eggs might turn into a baby bird.  Which will be something to gander at.

Here is the challenge which Millie faces though.  Tomorrow, I intend on tasting my first goose egg.  And if I like the way it tastes… Millie is going to have to be a Houdini Goose when it comes to hiding her eggs.  Otherwise, they shall all end up in the poaching pot.

First meaning of Goose Egg.  Potential Baby Goose.  (We’ll throw a Baby-Goose-Shower. You are invited.)
Second meaning of Goose Egg.  Breakfast.  (If it is big enough… again…. you are invited.)

The funny thing about the Goose Egg, is that it has several different meanings.

Goose Egg. As….  Zero. Zilch. Nadda.  Like in a game of baseball, and the team doesn’t score any runs… they put a big goose egg on the scoreboard.

Another meaning for goose egg?  The thing that happens when you get popped in the eye.  The big swollen knot, typically appearing on the face, after an individual sustains a blow…. is called a Goose Egg.

Of course, then there is the Golden Goose Egg.  The one that Jack and the Giant are tromping around in the clouds about.  I better buy some magic beans, because right now, our Goose Egg is a crappy version of off-white.

But. Come to think of it.  Like the Goose Egg….. there are a lot of words with different meanings.  These are called Polysemes.  Or also.. it could be the more popular Homonym.

Like Bank.   Where you put your money … or the grassy hill by the river.

Book. A bound collection of papers.  Or the action of making something a record.  Like booking a table at a restaurant.  Or a prisoner in to jail.

Match.  Things that are alike in someway.  Like socks. Or…. the thing you strike against the box to make fire.

Duck.  The other bird with a big bill who also gives eggs.  Or… there is an arrow headed straight for your eyebrows.  You better….

Rock.  The hard gray stoney thing on the ground. Or.  To move.  To and Fro.

Well.  To be okey-dokey-dominokey.  OR… that big hole in the ground which supplies your egg-poaching water.

So there you have it.  A few choice Polysemes.  Which if you speak many languages… the Polyglot… you could say them any when you like.

OR… you could put them all in a short story about my joy.


The Goose Egg I found on the bank, will be eaten tomorrow.  I would not book on it lasting past 8 a.m.  It did not match our chicken eggs, I will tell you.  But, I will not duck out on breakfast.  And if it rocks?  All will be well.

And that is all my friends.
The Goose Egg.

From Polly, the Polyglot with a bag full of Polysemes.

And now?  It seems…




“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”
― Thich Nhat Hanh


“One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.”
― Helen Keller, The Story of My Life