Day up. Day down.

Well. My day started off great. Superb, in fact.
I woke up.

That is BIG bonus number one…. for all of us.

And from that point on, all bets are off.

Our days could go any number of ways really. Oh sure. People say… “You day is what you make of it.”

And to that I say… tell THAT to Joe.  Joe is the guy who just found out he lost his job…. two hours after he ran over his cat in the driveway, at which point he panicked …. …. backed right into traffic, hit two more cars, including a black Rolls Royce…. and broke his right arm. AND… since he operates a Right-Handed-Widget-Press at ACME Widgets, for $8.10 per hour… yes… the Ohio State Minimum Wage… he was fired by Mrs. Gavinhooger… the floor manager. And the guy at the wreck, in the black Rolls…a high-end broker on Wall Street.. is suing Joe for punitive damages.   All things aside, he went home early… only to find his house burnt down because of defective toaster oven… which shorted out moments after he left for work. His other cat was in the house at the time of the fire… and… unfortunately… “Cuddles” perished in the fire. (Just 6 hours after Fluffy-Muff perished by Firestone Tire.)   On the upside, Joe’s next door neighbor, Derrick, offered him a place to stay for the night and dinner. The next morning, Derrick was arrested by the FBI. Yes, Derrick the Deplorable… the notorious serial killer who murders his victims, and them prepares them as a meal…. and serves it up to non-suspecting guests.  Good Gulp!  To top it off, poor Joe gets “food” poisoning, and goes to the hospital for a two-day visit. While under sedation to help with the terrible stomach pain, he is wheeled into surgery, where the hospital makes the mistake of removing Joe’s right kidney. In recovery, he meets Melinda Pressullman, again. Apparently, Pressullman had stalked him years earlier, to which he had a restraining order against her… in the state of Florida. Uh Oh. Not Ohio. Of course, she quickly recognizes him, and vows revenge.. One hour later….. …..

Well. You get my drift.


Back to my day. All in all… it has been pretty great in comparison. And I am thankful for that.

What better way to show my gratitude to the Universe… than with… .. more Dog & Goose Photos.


We do not remember days, we remember moments. —  Cesare Pavese