Dan, Georgia and Awe.



buttttsss sky

Okay.  Okay.  Actually, it wasn’t all that bad today.  We are getting ready to host a little wedding here tomorrow.  So….  just having a pipe break underneath the kitchen sink, and then a couple hours later,  finding a major leak in the furnace room, is not all that bad.

It was raining most of the day outside.  We just needed a little water indoors too.  Thankfully, we are very fortunate to know good people who help us.  We have a fine friend named Mike, who comes to the rescue quite often.  A blessing.

And despite the hiccups around the house, it was a good and busy day.  A time to be thankful, for sure.

So…. here are a few of the things  I saw today.  First, our good Goat… Georgia.   My favorite goat indeed.  I can tell her things… and I know they are completely safe.   She just listens, and smiles.  And she doesn’t ever shove me down to the ground face first in goat poop.  We have become friends.  As such…. I’ve promised never to milk her.  And she, me.   It’s what friends do.

I met some other nice folks today too.
As I gassed up the car, a horse and buggy came pulling in.  They parked very near me.  I asked the horse if he took regular or unleaded.  Oh…. That big smarty… … .he said…  “Diesel.”  At least, that’s how it sounded to me.

His name was Dan.  Dan the Man.  I asked him what he was doing there… and again… it sort of sounded like he said… “Diesel.”

I don’t speak very good horse, truth be told.

His humans were with him. I never thought to ask them to translate.  At any rate, it was fun to meet Dan, the very big horse, at the Marathon.  A very pleasant surprise.

Conversely, at the grocery, I pulled in, opened my car door, and saw a big bunch of butts.  This was not so pleasant.  In fact, it makes me madder than a horse without his Diesel fuel.

I don’t mind that people smoke.  It is their right.  But this is one of my biggest pet peeves, and I might right a whole book on this topic some night soon.

So… whoever puked their ashtray out on to the planet for  the rest of us to deal with… please swing by the Marsh Supermarket parking lot, and lick them back off the pavement.  Thank you.

You know, I could have taken a thousand other photos of things I saw.  Things I am grateful for.

One such image was the sky.  At times… the sky was simply breathtaking.   I love it when the sun hits the clouds just so.  It makes me aware of the “big and great awe.”  That is what I like to call it… ….  The Big & Great Awe.

It encompasses those moments in life, when you realize just how fortunate you are… to be standing where you stand.  Seeing what you see.  Be it a guy with a wrench, fixing your sink.  Or a horse at the gas pump.  Or a sky as magical as the heavens above.

That little feeling comes over you.. like a little quiver or a shiver.

And you know you are in the midst of life Big and Great Awe.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.  —  Helen Keller

“We are what we believe we are!” ― C.S. Lewis


Love doesn’t make the world go ’round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.  — Franklin P. Jones