Cross. In a cross way.

I don’t keep a journal. Heaven only knows, that would be silly. I mean, what would I put in a journal? I spill out all of my proverbial guts here, on this confounded blog every day.

Today is no different.

And there are definitely phrases to match the mood. Depending on what the day brings.

I lost my cool.
Blew my top.
Bit someone’s head off.
I was up in arms.
And I had a bone to pick.

Before I go any further, let me first say, in my defense, that this is somewhat out of character for me. While I admit to being a true Taurus the Bull, it is a result of my stubborn streak and not my temper.

When I was younger, my temper was a little more operational. But these days, I just feel like it takes WAY too much energy to get angry over things that don’t amount to anything.

This was exactly the case yesterday. Someone called me on the phone and I picked up. Strike One. They were doing their job by calling me. But their job was interrupting one of my favorite parts of my day. A peaceful breakfast. As a result, I was non-compliant and all-out rude to the guy. In fact, I asserted that I had already given them this information on at least five other occasions. Strike Two. To which he replied that for “some reason” they did not have this information ion their system, and they would certainly need it now. By my measure, incompetence at its best. Strike Three.

And then it happened.
That pot boiled over.
The crap hit the fan.
The bottom dropped out.
And the other shoe dropped.

I was mad. Angry. Livid.
But it was unreasonable.

As humans, we all have anger, sometimes more than others. It can come from different places, and sometimes, it is justified. There’s no shortage of theories about why people get angry. We might feel powerless over a situation. It could be that we are irritated. Or frustrated, or hurt. Sometimes people use anger to be intimidating, or forceful. And then sometimes, it could be something noble, like fighting injustice. That outrage that occurs at an inequity being committed against someone.

Yeah. So. I think I was very irritated. Today, I will call the guy and apologize. Expelling anger in a non-destructive, non-damaging way, is the way to go, and I know it.

Anger is one of those emotions that are hard to take. Hard to swallow, and hard to express.

I wish I had a catchy phrase to make it all better.
Maybe if I kept a journal.


“Angry people are not always wise.”
― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice


“Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.”
― Ambrose Bierce


“When angry, count four. When very angry, swear.”
― Mark Twain