It’s not goodbye. It is waving really hard.

I’m pretty sure it is time to stop writing this. The most sincere thanks to all of you who read this, and especially, those who write some things too. Every dang day. This writing has been many things over the

Will is a good name for someone with a good will.

There’s something about him that just seems wholesome to the core. Will Rodgers. Young people today most likely have never heard of him. But today is his birthday, coming into this world in 1879, in none other than Oologah, Oklahoma.

It is those two hand that cannot clap.

We are jerking around with the Universe. Yes, we did it again. Daylight Savings Time, or lack there of, depending. We moved our clocks back one hour — that is — if you were paying attention. Here’s the thing. Unless

Some friends are better left in their very own jungles.

There was always some kind of “something” waiting around the corner when I was a kid. I was at the tail end of seven children in our family. The tip of the tail. Every so often, things would get a

Knock on wood. Knock three times. Goodness. Just knock.

Another “National” Day, of course. They are every day. I didn’t like writing about them initially, because they appear with such frequency and have become so carelessly bloated, that they boarder on the ridiculous. But these days, they offer a

How long is long? Ask your local jellyfish.

Nothing lasts forever, is how the saying goes. I’m not sure about that one, but I won’t stand on the edge of a philosophical debate today. Instead, I’ll focus on the things here which are earthbound. As in, attached or

Ask and ye shall receive. Multiple choice is better.

We all have questions about the world. These days, in most cases, it is pretty simple to find answers about our physical world and surroundings. We merely have to press our hands into our pockets, extract our phones, and summons

Chicken Little and the Selfie Experience

Well, Chicken Little. There you have it. The dang sky did fall right down and go boom. Or so it may have seemed to some folks in the Great Lakes State. In this case, though, it was a little piece

Not because it is over, but because it all began.

On this morning, in 1923, she was born. To be quite honest, I can’t imagine how this happened successfully. The grandmother I knew, didn’t seem capable of making it through childbirth. But she did. Once. And that was the day