There is something on the other end of that string.

We are in it together. Every piece of it. No matter if you are the most reclusive introverted loner, or the jazziest outgoing extroverted socialite, you are connected. Most people either don’t realize this, or they will not admit it.

I’m a Santa Fool, and I hope you are too.

The triple Ho. People go to Santa Claus schools to learn to be good Santas. I just learned this today. I would have never guessed such a thing, because truthfully? Most Santas I’ve encountered in my years are immediately noticeable

I looked at the past and it gave me a peanut.

There are certain moments in our everyday humans lives that may strike us as extraordinary. It could be anything really. Of course, there are the big things that happen. The momentous events we will never forget. When you step away

His Mom pushed him over the edge.

It was early evening, in some small town, Tennessee. Things were quiet as usual. All the supper dishes were washed, and put away in their cupboards. It had been meatloaf and potatoes that night. A woman named Febb — Febb

Stuck in the row with the BBQ Chips

All across the nation, schools have been gearing up for the return of the students. All the way from pre-kindergarten to college, from Seattle, Washington, to Miami, Florida. Desks have been arranged, the lockers are polished, and those vending machines