Castles, Clocks, and Knee-Highs

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Our final day in Prague.  We took a little bus ride up a great big hill… to the Castle of Prague.  As you enter the grounds…. you are given the hairy news.  There are still two Werewolves that live in the mote.  And you should SEE the MOTE!  Thankfully, we didn’t run in to either one of those fella’s.

The Castle is pretty large.  Like…  an XXXXL if it wore clothes.  It took more than 500 years  just to build the Cathedral part of the castle.  So…. if you do the math… they started laying those bricks in the early 1400s, and they finished around 1939. Now that is either one of two things.  Procrastination in the process… OR a VERY slow brick layer.

They have Jesus relics in the basement.  But I don’t think they call it a basement. The Jesus Relics are not sitting next to the pool table and min-bar… or anything.

The President of Prague lives here.  And he has his office here.  We did not see him either.  Apparently, he drinks quite a bit.  Maybe with the Werewolves.

From there we visited the Charles Bridge again.  Then to the Astronomical Clock, and more stomping around.

Tonight, dinner at an Italian Place in the residential district.  IT was some of the best pizza ever.

I am just feeling pretty tired, and not so witty.  We have an early day tomorrow.  A long drive to Germany.  And then we get on a big boat.  On the River.

And I forgot my Sailor’s Cap.  So… it is off I go.  Out to find a little Sailor Store, for my little Sailor hat.

You know… I want to fit in… not look so much like a tourist.  The hat  should go well with my Captain Steubing knee-high white socks, and black patent leather loafers.

Yeah. I’m gonna’ rock this. Oh yeah.  Or should I say… Ahoy There Matey.