Busy Airways Backwards.



What a day this has been.

And not necessarily in a good way.  It has been a day filled with this business of being human.  I’ve  had a lot of different communications, with several different people.  The subjects have ranged from A to Z.  But the airways sure were busy today.  It wasn’t always smooth sailing, either.  Some of the discussions were difficult.  Others were quite good.

I think one of my planets must be in retrograde or something.  I don’t know how all of this works… but I hear that when communications get wooly…. something…. somewhere …. is in retrograde.

Retrograde is nothing like Gatorade.  Albeit, the two are commonly confused.  No. Retrograde is  for the worse, regressive, negative, downhill, unwelcome.  Backwards.  Wonky.

Nonetheless.  Back to the part of  my day that had a case of the cranks.

I am told that in every situation, we have a choice.  We can choose to be angry, or we can choose to be at peace.  We can decide on being defensive, or we can surround ourselves in a tranquil manner.  And so on.

But easier said than done.  I mean, feeling hurt, or down, or negative… can be hard to shake.  At least for me it is.

Wisdom helps.  It is unwise to think that it has to be all better, right now.  Instead, it is perceptive to understand that things come in time.  One step at a time.  We find in life, that there is one lesson after the next and the next and the next.   Don’t you know? The Tortoise won the race.  A slow approach…. a steady pace… and soon enough, we come out on the other side of things.

Theodore Roosevelt said:  “Nine-tenths of wisdom consists of being wise in time.”    Good old Teddy.  The original Ted Talks.   But so true.  We live, and we have experiences.  We gather all sorts of information when we experience something.  And then hopefully, we  learn.  In time.