Busted. Half.

Tonight there was a story on the news.

It struck me…. for an unusual reason, I’ll tell you.

The gist of the report went loosely like this.  Apparently, a Sheriff Deputy here in the County of Montgomery, in this great State of Ohio…. was the Treasurer for some sort of Lodge.  It was a lodge of Sheriff Deputies like himself.  Maybe a Fraternal Order of Police.

I am not sure what you do at those Lodges, such as the FOEs, or the IOOFs, or even the BPOEs.  I mean, I’ve seen the Flintstones, and I know that Fred is a Grand Pooh Bah, and all.  They have hats.  And such.  But with these other “Real-Life-Orders”… I wouldn’t have any real knowledge.  I would guess they play a lot of Scrabble, given the sheer number of Acronyms involved.

But I digress. Back to the story.  So.  This guy (Joseph P. Caito III) was the Treasurer at some sort of  Law Enforcement Lodge.  Maybe the DSOOOLE, or something.  Again,  I don’t remember, exactly.

None-the-less … his next moves seems like a bigger-than-huge mistake.  He pilfered some 93,000 dollars from his fellow Law Enforcement Brothers.

I mean… does anyone else smell trouble there?

In fact, there WAS trouble for this guy.  He got caught.  And he bargained a plea in court today.  He said he was guilty as charged, and settled for a reduced sentence.

Yep.  I predict a rough road for this guy, no matter what.   They said he would be sentenced in January.

Now here’s the deal that struck me.  His job within the Sheriff’s Department was with the K-9 Unit.  Yep.  His partner is a dog. Drug Unit. During the report on Channel 7, the announcer said that Joseph P. Caito III was fired from the department.  However, his partner (who they would not name) was being reassigned……  and allowed to continue to work.

Yep.  They let the dog go back to work.  Can anyone give me the biggest “What the crap” EVER?  His partner is a tremendously talented, honest, loyal, hard-working, upstanding dog in the community.  The way the reporter made it sound was like the dog could have been privy to the whole conniving scheme.

Like Rex had anything to do with this Schmuck at all?  Other than the fact he had to ride around with the guy in the patrol car… as Rex can’t reach the gas pedals, and was reliant on Caito for a ride.

Holy dog drool Batman.  That one made me laugh out loud.  At least the management at Police Headquarters was thinking right.  But I’m not sure if the statement about the dog came in a Press Release issued by Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department…. OR if this was just some sort of keen observation on the part of the reporter.


I guess if they had fired the dog too, he could have taken up another profession.  Traffic Cop maybe.  Although, if he caught any dogs giving birth on the side of the  road… he’d have to ticket them for littering.
Or maybe a baseball player, maybe.  Except when he would go up to bat… he’d always get walked.

No.  This guy is a K-9 Drug Sniffer.  I know… because he has a powerful in-scent-ive.

Just remember.  Sometimes it is a dog-eat-dog world out there.  Either lay down with the big dogs… or get off the porch.


Or something like that.


Wait.  Better yet.

Go out and give a good howl at the moon.  And NOW…. we are talking.  Now… we’re talking.