Back it up.

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Amnesia. We’ve all seen it.  On your occasional Soap Opera, or in a Movie.  And we say, “Oh, I’m glad I’ve never had amnesia. That would be terrible.”  Or some such phrase.

But the truth of the matter is, we are all victims of Amnesia.  By definition, it is simply “a partial or total loss of memory.”  Guess what folks?  We are full of Amnesia.  I would say most of us, at least.

I don’t know many people…. strike that.  I don’t know ANY people who possess complete memory of their lives, from birth onward.  Zero. Zilch. None.  If you are one of those freaks of nature, please come forth.

But most of us don’t remember a LOT.

I am one of those for sure.

I was born into a large Cathoic Family.  I’m the youngest, least spoiled of them all.  By my memory.

But in all honesty, I have very few childhood memories.   Especially very early on.  And the earliest ones I do have, seem to be centered around being afraid, or something going wrong, or being unhappy, somehow.

Please, don’t think that I had a crappy childhood.  Just the opposite in fact.  (Or so I’m told. LOL.)  Seriously though, I had two great parents, and a boatload of good siblings. We did happy things.

But those early ones.  I think I remember the “bad” ones because they were the rarity.

We used to go to a place called Camp Marydale in the summertime.  The whole big clan, shoved into a greenish station wagon, would putter down to Kentucky for a week or so.  I can’t remember much about these trips, except for being afraid of fireworks; being “left” at the lodge while my parents went on Retreat for the week; and falling  down hard in a gravel lot.

But I’m sure I did a lot of things…. and thought a lot of thoughts. I imagine I was probably a bit of a handful.  But dag nab it…. I just have a bad case of Amnesia.

I wish I could turn on the “Go Back TV” and watch all the scenes of my life.  The parts that I was there for in person.  But I can’t remember a tiny shred of it.

Nonetheless… I had a point to all of this.  And wouldn’t you know?  Now I can’t remember what it was. If that isn’t something… I’ll tell you.

I guess if I would have to say anything about all of the meandering… is this.  Be glad for this moment. Right here, right now.  Be here for it.  Because once it goes…. it is gone.  There will never, ever, be another moment exactly like this one.  Ever.  So right now, I am glad to be spending it with you.  I’m glad for this memory… lasting or not.

We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.   —  George Bernard Shaw