Apple Pie.

threrereere twowoowo oneish

Today… oh yes we did… WE had another party.  This time our party was with family.  And how great is that?  We ate, and swam, and talked, and played.  We just hung out all night and all day.

The reason for the party?  The Fourth of July.  Of course.  Independence Day.  A day when we celebrate and rejoice the foundations of this country, the United States of the America.

And tonight, we ended the celebration with Fireworks. Perfect.  Because we ALL know what FIREWORKS stands for.

F – Freedom  (to be whoever we want to be.  To live and worship and exist with the right to the pursuit of happiness)
I – Independence (from the restrictions and governance of other nations)
R – Rights  ( to speech, religion, assembly, and  so much more)
E – Equality (… for all of us are equals.  One and all)
W – World Citizens  (the U.S.A. is a member of the planet earth.  We all need to share this planet.)
O – Openness – (to our diversity and individuality)
R – Responsibility – (… and with such freedom comes great responsibility to act with respect for one another)
K – Knowledge – (the pursuit of information, and comprehension, so that we can continue to learn and grow within our freedoms)
S – Sincerity (living each day with integrity and honesty in our words and in our actions)

Happy Fourth.

Be Free.  Do Good.

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”
― Coco Chanel


Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves”
― Abraham Lincoln