And the winner is…


I love a good word.  Revelation is one of those exceptional examples.  As defined in simple terms… it is a surprising and previously unknown fact.  And, that fact is made known in a dramatic way.  To make known the unknown.

So, here is the big reveal.  One little revelation at a time.  ( My brother Ed was right… there is a little truth to all of them… but one is ALL the way true. )

A.  False-ish.   The explanation:  I was 12 years old once.  I did play in the Little League Regional Finals in Kalamazoo, Michigan.   But there is where the truth of it ends.  I didn’t hit a game winner against Bowling Green, or anyone else, for that matter.  Back to the truth…. I cried on a pretty regular basis.

B. False-ish.  We visited my Mom’s relatives up in Mercer County, Ohio.  A few times.  I am not sure how old I was on any occasion.   I met my Great Aunts Bertha and Christine. True.    Neither one ever married. True.  They lived in Sharpsburg, Ohio and not Egypt.   They had a few chickens.   But they ate chicken.  And eggs.  I couldn’t tell you what I had for lunch… if anything at all.

C.  The TRUTH. The whole truth and nothin’ but the truth.  So help me dog.   When I lived on Emerson Avenue, in Dayton, Ohio, I had a cat named Hamilton.  One night, while I was on the phone (with Mary Bullen), Hamilton walked across the dining room table where I was sitting.  There was a candle lit on the table, and he rubbed right up against it.  He caught on fire, and I had to stop, drop, and roll him.  He was a Manx and had a nubby little tail.  That thing lit up like a torch, as did his whole rear end.  It didn’t burn his skin… just burnt the fur right up in little black singe-spot-ball-things.  He took it like a champion…. remarking… on occasion….. that it made him look tough.

D. False-ish.  I did a lot in high school, but I wasn’t on the debate team.  I don’t know if we even had one…

So there you have it.  C is the winner.  And we have five winners.  But only one Grand Prize.

Janet Jordan Crelin
Justin Thomas
Brennan Rose Philippi
Barb Fafrak
Cassandra Newton

To: Janet, Justin, Brennan, Barb, and Cassandra… pick a number between 1 and 100.  Whoever is closest wins.  If two are the same distance from the number, low ball wins.

Good luck!

To the LOT OF US: I am not sure what all of this says about me, and what it says about you.  Most people answered B and C.  Only one A, and one D.  I thought A & D seemed the most plausible, but they were more about my non-true accomplishments.  Hmmmmm.  And B and C were recounting stories…. Hmmm again.  Any Psych majors out there?  Where’s Jung when we need him?

And finally, to follow up on the true story.  Hamilton, my dear little pal, lived until he 17 years old.  I called him Bud.  He was the best cat that has ever put paws on this planet, I am sure of it.  I still miss him, from time to time.

And finally, this was fun.  Thanks for playing along.  I sure do like to have a good smile with my friends.  True, or false?