All washed up.

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We need the rain.  It is good for us, in so many ways.

And I love a rainy day.  I do.

But sometimes the rain schedule doesn’t quite match up with ours.

Today, was one of those days, for me.

It all began some 20 years ago, when we moved out here to the country.  Now, it wasn’t such a problem then, because most everyone hooked on to the internet via a dial-up modem…. at the speed of slow.

But, I knew our days were numbered.  You see, the internet began to transcend from a text-based format to something new.  Each day.  It started growing bells, and whistles.

And as the animated gifs, large images, and blinking text evolved, so did the need for speed.  The rest of the world seemed to be transitioning just fine.  But here in Never-Never-Land, we were hog-tied to the 14.4 kbps modem.  You’ve Got Mail!

It may as well have been delivered by the United States Postal Service.   They were faster.

Over the years, I have tried it all.  But none of it was very snappy.  And then, a couple of years ago, we found our Internet-Savior… BluSky Wireless.  How it works is this (redundant refresher course for the “regulars” here).  We get our internet connection through a radio signal.  But it is line-of-sight.  That means, the little antenna on our house has to SEE the big antenna a long ways away.

In the winter time, we do much better.  There is nothing blocking the way.  In the summertime, leaves grow on trees.  Those leaves block signals.  We have no signal.  But lots and lots of leaves.

As a fix, we have decided to erect a tower.  For our little antenna.  You know, put that sucker 100 feet in the air.  This has been a looonnnnnng and arduous process. But.  Today was the day.  The tower arrived yesterday, and was constructed.  And this afternoon, the crane was scheduled to come and stand that tower towering.

But alas.  The rain managed to get here  before the crane.  Rain makes mud.  Cranes don’t like mud.  I don’t like cranes that don’t like mud.

No tower.  No signal.

We have been relying on our Verizon Wireless signal… which is next to nothing out here.  And it looks like we will continue on that bumpy road.  Until the mud dries, and the crane flies back into town.

Until then, I must remember that I am not the only one getting soggy in the rain.

And that is the truth about a lot of things.  There are times when things don’t quite go “our way.” A lot of times, we go into experiences, and circumstances, and have “exceptions” or preconceived ideas about what that experience should be like.  And then we are…. one of three things: disappointed, satisfied, or delighted.

I think the less we expect, the more we are pleasantly surprised.
The other part to that whole deal, is that WE are not the ONLY ones in the whole deal.

Like today, it rained.  Some people may have been overjoyed by its presence.  In fact, most days I would be too.

It just teaches us once again, to be thankful for what is right NOW, in this moment.  It is the only time we really have, and the only thing we really know.  This moment.  Right now…. I am writing, and I am absolutely joyous and thankful for that.  I’m thankful to be here, in this moment, sharing it with you.