A point should be sharp.

I was hoping to find some clear answers about whether or not I should continue this thing I do.  This writing gig here, which comes pretty naturally most of the time.  Most of the time.  And the pay…  welllll … look at all these sponsors and paid subscriptions.  Off the freaking chart.  Way off….

But seriously.  Sometimes I struggle and it just feels heavy.  Like I HAVE to do it.   Some of you may have noticed I’ve taken a few days off, and it has felt good…. mostly.  But in those few days, I’ve swirled through a thousand thoughts, which I’ve wanted to share here.  With you.

The number of people who read this has stayed mostly the same.  It dwindles at times. But how many more occasions can I ask you to look at the mouse or the pig?  None the less, there have been things I’ve wanted to talk about.  Like… the new threat of Grizzly Bears, or… why Peanut Butter is so popular when it sticks to the roof of your mouth… or about why my thumbprint never unlocks the touch code on my iPhone.  Dang it.

But.  Another thing. My interest in photography has also waned.  It just has.  Winter has a lot to do with it, probably.  But it shouldn’t.  There is something to shoot everywhere, in every minute.  Perhaps that’s part of the problem.  The cell phone has grown as an extension on most every arm.  So we are inundated with photos.  Of people drinking in bars, or kids playing on the farm, or dogs with a tennis ball smile.

And yet another deal.  I’ve pretty much been sick since the first of December.  It can be a little weary at times.

I think my big question, to myself has been, “Polly.  What is the point?  What is the point of writing this?”  That is the clear answer I was hoping to find.

You know, I don’t know.  I am a 53 year old white woman.  I am a gay woman and  I’ve been with my life partner for nearly 30 years.  We are happy.  We are pretty kind people if I must say so myself.  We support our community.  We have kids, and grandkids, family and friends.   We are healthy.  A good home,  plenty to eat, we live in a free country.  In short, we are completely blessed.

But yesterday, a new President took over this land.  He says he’s taking over.  Only he can fix it… I think it went.

I’ve heard rumors of certain parts of the Whitehouse.gov site being removed yesterday.  Me?  I don’t listen to rumors.  I investigate.  I don’t listen to talk radio bullshit.  I investigate.  I don’t swallow lies on a spoon.  I investigate.

So I went over to the  White House’s brand new Trumpy-Style website and searched for these rumored-removals.
And the results of that search?
Climate Change. ==. Mamie Eisenhower Article.

People have told me to “get over it” that Trump was elected.  Hell. I have nothing to get over.  I am happy as crap for the guy, so long as he does a good job and does well for our country.

So far… big zero.  From my estimation.  Prove me wrong Trumpy.

Back to the column.  This blog.  These are the kinds of things that come to my day, that I want to tell you about.

But really… what is the point Polly?  What is the point.