A might more.



There is a lot to be said for giving and receiving.

Both are infinitely beautiful things.

Every day, we have much to give.  On the flip side, we are in a constant stream of receiving.  Sometimes, it is difficult to remember both of these things.

But there it is.  The flow of energy in our existence here in the universe.  And if that sounds a little crazy to you… well… it is.  Crazy Good.

So on any given day, may we try to give.  Where ever it is we go, and whoever might be in our lives at any particular moment…..  what would happen… if we all brought a gift to them.  To that moment.

It could be anything.  A smile, a word of thanks, encouragement, or even recognition.  It could be a  good wish, or a silent prayer.  It could take the form of a hug, a pat on the back, or the simple act of opening a door.  But to give.  Without any thought of repayment.  Simply, and wonderfully, to give.

On the other side, in each moment, what if we could see all that we are receiving.  All the time.  It is truly amazing that we can see, hear, think, speak, breathe.  We can sit up on our own accord, or walk, talk , or sing.  We have family, and friends, spouses, children, pets, and more.

We are smart, or funny, or creative, or strong.  We know how to knit, or bake, or do electrical wiring.  We have the “human tools” to perform these abilities.  We receive.   In a million different ways, we receive.

A silent reflection, either way, for these things.  AND, of course….. Those very precious gifts… like caring, appreciation, compassion, and love.  We can be thankful for the getting and for the giving of these.

You know, it really might.  It might make the world just a little more.  A little more like a world ought to be.