The dude in the dog suit…


For some of this past weekend… I payed attention to football.  Now even if you are not a sports fan, you may want to get in on this.  Heck, even post your idea about who’s going to win #51.

You see….
I am a HUGE fan of the NFL Football Deal.  I can be totally engrossed in watching any game.  If I walk in a room where there is an NFL game on a TV… … my eyes fall to the screen and they can’t get up.

So Saturday and Sunday…

I was rooting for the Green Bay Packers, who versed the Arizona Cardinals.  Packers LOST.

Pulling for the Kansas City Chiefs (my 2nd favorite team in all of time) against the New England “Dirty Rotten Scoundrel” Patriots.  Chiefs LOST.

On to the Pittsburgh Steelers (my go-to team since I could write my own name) versus the Denver Broncos (I like them too because of Peyton Manning).  Steelers LOST.

Finally, the Carolina Panthers took on the Seattle Seahawks.  I was pitching for Carolina and Cam Newton.  Panthers WON.

And while I did not cry my eyes out, I was inwardly sad.  Three  out of four losses, all told.

But. Let’s get back to last year.  I picked the Super Bowl Winner based on Mascot.  I waited for the final matchup to make my call.   (Last year was the NE Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks.  I picked Patriots.  Seahawks are helpless birds who just catch sea fish.  Patriots have guns.  While some people say guns don’t kill…. Patriots with guns kill.  They shoot helpless birds out of the sky.  Patriots with guns, and concealed carry, do in fact kill.  I picked Patriots.  And, they won.)

So this year we have four mascots.
Cardinals vs Panthers
Patriots vs Broncos

Who’s it going to be?
Based on mascots…. or otherwise?

My BIG reveal with come later this week.
Until then, no deflating the footballs, Tom Brady.  It’s Nacho Time.