Connecting the dots.

haororossse bananaananana

You know.  A banana is really pretty harmless when it is just laying around in the fruit basket.  But, by gawd, somebody comes along and takes the peel off that thing…. well……  look out for trouble…. is all I have to say.

That fruit-eater throws that peel on the sidewalk… and before long… some clown is going to come along and slip on that thing.  I’ve seen it happen a million times.

That’s how the most of it goes.  People doing things without giving them a second thought.   Sure.  It’s all fun & games until somebody gets hurt.

It seems harmless enough while it is happening, but they never, EVER, consider the ripple-down effect.

Take for instance, one of my pet-peeves.  The Throw-Your-Trash-Out-Your-Car-Window Syndrome.  We all know the immediate implications.  Dirtying-up the planet.  And then there is the  responsibility issue.  That trash isn’t going to get picked up by itself.  (Same with dirty socks on the floor… but I’ll try to stay on-topic.)

Back to the trash.  Let’s say you toss a McDonalds bag out.  And, as the burger-trash hits the pavement, a bunch of horses are standing by the road, talking about The Belmont Stakes.  Jed, the big brown horse, eats the leftover Big Mac.  Later that day he gets a belly ache and can’t go to the Horse-Dance that night.  Myrtle, the Old Gray Mare… thinks Jed doesn’t want to see her again…. and the whole thing begins to get blown WAY out of proportion.  Thanks to that trash.
Now.  Now you know.

Or how about this pet peeve of mine?  Parking in a Handicap spot… WITH the handicap sticker…. but the only person in the vehicle… is an able-bodied person, capable of running the 50-yard-dash in under 30 seconds.

Of course, we all know the immediate ramifications.  Someone who truly IS handicapped comes along, and there is no place close to park.

But then there is the secondary.  What if someone like me… SEES all this happening? And that someone has spontaneous anger issues?  And she’s driving a well-built sedan… and decides to ram the falsely-parked-car… at full speed?  I’m not saying this happened today at a grocery store parking lot in southwest Ohio.  I’m not saying that AT ALL.  But WHAT IF?

Oh, the truth of the matter is this.  Everything is connected.  Somehow.  And we are all governed by Universal Laws… one of which is “Cause and Effect.”   Above and beyond that…  for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

We just might want to watch our Ps and our Qs.  We most likely should consider our actions, and what the consequences of those actions may be.  Look before we leap.  Or throw. Or park.

I’ve seen the Jed, the Big Brown Horse… cry like a pony.  And I’ll have to tell you, it is something I’m not sure I can sit through again, Mr. Happy Meal.