Are you a dip?



Our lives change with time.  Sometimes for the good. And sometimes not.  But, we all want it to be focused on the “good” — I think.

But let’s consider this.  Oooohhhhh.  How about The Fondue Set?  Let’s say you’ve always wanted a Fondue Set. And someone, clear out of the blue, gives you one.  You say to them… “Oh.  Thank you, thank you, thanks!  I’ve always wanted a Fondue Set.  I LOVE this.”

And then, you throw it in the back of the closet and The Fondue Set is never seen or heard from again.  It will take the likes of Indiana Jones to recover that thing.

On the other hand… let’s say INSTEAD… you have placed it smack dab in the center of the kitchen counter.  You buy Fondue Recipe Books, and starting making all things cheesy, chocolaty, and melting.  You are The Dipping Queen of the Midwest.  You throw fondue parties every other Friday Night.  You become the envy of all you skewer-owning-friends.

Now.  Which of those two descriptions was the better way of giving thanks for the Fondue Set?

I wonder how many of us… with stop in the next couple of days… and give Thanks for all that life has afforded us.   The question is, what are we doing with that life?  Is it on the floor of the closet, or front and center… on the kitchen counter?

As we think about these things, and give THAT thanks… maybe we should take the time to write down what we value most, how we want to spend our time, and if there is anything we secretly want to achieve? Do we think about it very often?  I didn’t… so much… when I was younger.  But now… oh how the times have changed.

Do we know what brings us joy? We can design our own lives… I think.  It is probably the most important endeavor we will ever undertake.

I believe it is true.  We have the opportunity to put forth a vision for our lives.  And that way of thinking…. can serve as road map for every choice and action we take.

If we take the time… to stop and be thankful for the wonders of this life…. we may want to think about what truly matters.  We might consider the past events in our lives… the things that made us the most happy OR that are totally fulfilling to us.
This is where we should focus most of our time and energy. These are the things that matter.

By being grateful, and giving back, we are being better people.  And better people is good.  Like White Cheddar & Swiss Fondue, with Rye Bread Squares.  Go ahead.  Taste it.


“I love a good fondue.’ — Frances

“Ain’t nothing like fondue on a Friday night.” — Frances

“Always be kind.  Except when squirrels might take your fondue.”  — Frances