Hollywood Sheep and such.



Tonight, I am pretty sure this is going to ramble on like an old Roadster on a country road.

The reason being…. there was a lot of stimulus for this little brain of mine all day long.  A lot.  I think this is true for all us, every day.  Sometimes, we just don’t notice the “all” of it.  In fact, many times, we just pass it by without a second thought.

Here are some things that struck me, in some way or another.

I had a discussion with someone today about animals and how some of them seem to have an incredible spirit. My dog Frances is one of them.  I swear she is a saint.  Certain people have incredible spirits too.  I like that I know some.  I am thankful, in fact.

And since we are speaking about inner-spirits.   Later in this day… I heard a song for the first time by a group called Cake.  One of the lines of the songs goes…”Sheep go to heaven. Goats go to hell.”   I  had to laugh out loud.  Truthfully.  I think it depends on the particular sheep… or the goat.   It could go either way really.  But, you know,  we have goats.  And one of them has knocked me down.  Pushed me, in fact.   On purpose.  I’m seeing the big down escalator in her future.  Her name is Grace of all things.

And speaking of going to hell.  “Breaking Bad” was one of my favorite TV shows ever.  If you’d had told me that I would love a show about a teacher cooking meth, I would have said…”Oh, no, no, no.”  But as it turns out, I was wrong.  I loved that show.  He wore a goatee.

The past couple of days, I’ve seen Brian Cranston on news-show interviews.  He seems like one of those people I’d probably really like, if I ever met him in person.  He just appears to be a good-natured guy.  Smart, witty, and wildly talented as an actor.  As we saw in Breaking Bad.

That TV series changed how I watch TV.  I used to be a movie head.  Or so I thought.  I really DO love movies.  I just don’t like having to sit still for 2+ hours to watch them.  I rarely go to the theater to see a movie.  Much too long to sit still for little Miss Fussbudget.

And when I watch them at home, it is in 20 to 30 minute intervals.  Tops.  But Breaking Bad sort of changed my interests.  I thought it was pretty Neato-Guido… that I could watch the whole big show in just over 30 minutes without any commercials.

So now…. NetFlix is my second Country.  I have declared Citizenship.  Naturalized, and I have the papers to prove it.  So yes, these days, I am always on the hunt for a good TV series.  And there are a bunch.  None as good as Breaking Bad, albeit.   However, there have been some splendid contenders.

The whole Hollywood thing is a little crazy at times too. Since we are on it.   I mean, Cranston seems to be a steady-Eddie. But certain people seem full of drama.  Like the  Kardashians.  Or… Brad and Angelina.    Those kind of folks, I don’t think I would like to meet.

I’m a pretty simple gal when it comes down to it. Just fry me some eggs, and my world is like magic.  Good old eggs.

This morning, I had to go buy chicken eggs.  At this particular farm… I have to drive through the farmer’s herd of sheep to get to the eggs.  Those sheep are going to heaven, I’ll bet you.  But one of them…. had lips  just like Angelina.

Wouldn’t you know.  On any given day, our worlds are filled with stimulus.  And most of the time…. in come around in big, big circles.

Everything in this Universe connects, in one way or the other.  It swirls around, in one big old stir pot… all the drips and drops in one big pot of soup.. and as the spoon stirs it up…. everything comes and goes, and moves this way and that.  Passing and touching and coming all around on the next big turn.

That is our lives.

That is our Universe.


“Invisible threads are the strongest ties.”   ― Friedrich Nietzsche


“Just as the wave cannot exist for itself, but is ever a part of the heaving surface of the ocean, so must I never live my life for itself, but always in the experience which is going on around me.”
― Albert Schweitzer


When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.”  –John Muir