That secret sauce.

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Art.  Not Linkletter, Carney, Buckwald, or Garfunkel. But Art.  As in….  the expression of the human creative mind and imagination…. which typically comes in the form of painting or sculpture or such.  THAT kind of Art.

I am a big fan of that art.  I like to look at it, contemplate it.. and I even like to try to make some on my own.

It comes in a bazillion forms too.  Which is a great thing.

Anybody can give it a go.

Which is what WE did tonight.  Mary, Levi, and I.  We went to  Unwind & Create, at the Visual Art Center of Preble County.  I’ll tell you what.  We have a great… and I mean GREAT…. Art Association here in this county.  It is a gem.. and a half.

So the deal is… with Unwind & Create.  You go and paint for a couple of hours, with guidance from an instructor. Oil on canvas.  Each “student”  paints the same thing.  Tonight, it was pumpkins. It is amazing.   And wouldn’t you know.  THAT VERY SAME THING .. those pumpkins…. turn out differently on each canvas.

Levi was a gamer.  He didn’t know anyone there.  I knew some of the people in the class, but most were strangers. Boy oh boy.  It got cut-throat among them… I’ll tell you.  A bit of unspoken competitiveness lingered in the air.  Heck. One woman slapped me in the face with a white glove and challenged me to a duel out back.  I declined.

Hey… I just went to paint a pumpkin.

In the end it was a lot of fun.  And truth be told, everyone in the class did a really great job.

But the best part was sharing a Friday evening with Mary and Levi, creating Art.

Actually, the BEST thing was going to The Mule before hand, and sharing Cheeseburgers.  But revealing that detail somehow cheapens the story.

Whoops. Too late for that.
It’s not that the Art Center isn’t awesome.  It is completely rocking.
But those Cheeseburgers, had a secret sauce on them, and they were extraordinarily delicious.  Works of art, I’ll tell you.  Works of art.


It is better to create than to learn! Creating is the essence of life.

— Julius Caesar