Straw very.

I looked at the FBI’s Most Wanted List this week. And there it was. The Plastic Straw. Asking for a straw these days, is like the kiss of death. A criminal offense. Some restaurants are even taking the customers out

I think I know you.

Let’s face it. Well. These days there is a lot to face. A lot of unpleasantness, if you ask me. But, depending on your glass, there are a million things which are beautiful and good. At any rate, I’m drifting

I’ll have the Special.

Most people like to eat. Most. We all need to do it, certainly. But one can experience tremendous pleasure while eating. Conversely, it could go completely the wrong way. Because of this, good people try to help other good people

Do you hear what I hear?

Our language sure is something. I read an article yesterday that English is taking over as the common language of the world. Lucky for us Americans. If it were Mandarin, we’d all have some serious learning to do. But here

What are you made of?

Here’s the thing you might not know about Rosalind Franklin. She was a great-big-smarty-pants. Well, you might know this. (There are some pretty smarty-pants people who read this thing.) But a lot of people don’t know her at all. Today

Pick it up

We’ve got a plastic problem. The past few weeks, the footage I keep seeing on the news, makes me caustic. There are waves and waves of trash, rolling through the oceans and onto the lands. Holy Heavens. When will we