It is… or maybe not.

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Sometimes, I think the Universe is a series of random  occurrences. Often coincidental, and occasionally serendipitous.
But, happenstance, at best.

Other times, I think the Universe is carrying out an extremely well-oiled, organized,  and specific series of events, following the pattern of ultimate design. A careful arrangement.

But there is really no way of knowing, for sure.

Each day, I see, or experience events which seem to imply both. A constant series of conflicting indications.   There is proof for both.  And no proof for either.

Like last night, I watched a show on Psychic Mediums, who can supposedly “speak” with those who have crossed to the other side.  Either they all have very large payrolls, and good actors on those payrolls, OR their is something to this.

On the other hand, I see evidence of things just happening, randomly.  Apparently.

There are other things, more personal than I wish to share here, which have happened, or in some cases, not happened to support this.

You see what I mean… or don’t mean.

If I’m sounding a little vague tonight, it is because I AM feeling a little vague tonight.  The four U’s.  Uncertain, undecided, unsure, and unclear.

And the things in the news, the injustices, the hatred, the current political races… they can all be a little daunting. A lot daunting, actually.

Which tells me one of two things.
Which….. I haven’t quite figured out yet.

And so it goes.