Super Duper

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Right now, I am probably a little bit further south than the most of you.  I sit on a little island in the middle of the Caribbean.  Well.  Not like shipwrecked or anything.  More like the Grand Cayman Island.  With big hotels and fine dining.  Just below Cuba, don’t ya’ know.

It is warm and sunny here.  We left our Ohio-stead this morning at 4:45 a.m.  So, it is feeling like a long day at this point.  I know, I know. Poor me.  Poor sleep-deprived-me… in this glorious 85 degree weather, with the presence of the warm, salty blue ocean, just outside my balcony.

Okay.  No more whine with that cheese.  I promise.

Well.. not quite yet.  I have a little bit more to yammer about.

You know, when you travel…. specifically… when you fly…. it seems there is always that ONE guy.  You know the one.  Most of the time, I am lucky enough to have a seat in the near vicinity of “the guy.”  Today was no different.  Albeit, he was back one on the diagonal from me.

Anyway.  This guy is some kind of mechanical wizard.  The world renown Captain Marvel Mechanic.  Now I am not jerking around when I tell you this.  Jerry…. that’s his incognito-every-day-Clark-Kent-kind-of-name…. can fix anything… on any vehicle… anywhere.  Any time.  Just ask him.  Or don’t.  He’ll probably tell you regardless.

Well, once…  (you are NOT going to believe this…)…..  he rebuilt an entire fuel pump, on a truck, using ONLY a screwdriver, while the thing was still attached to the carburator.  I am not pulling your chain.

Another time, they were painting the offices at the dealership, and Jerry painted 4 offices, in the same time that Phil only painted one.  He told Phil the thicker rollers were better.  One coat does the job with those babies.  Phil believes him, NOW.

His current truck, a diesel Dodge Ram, has 558,700 miles on it. And another buddy of his, has a Dodge with more than a million miles on the odometer.  All Jerry had to do was replace a couple of belts.  That’s it. … …..  Yeah.  Amazing.

You know.  When you only had a couple of hours of sleep the night before… and all you really want to do is take a little nappy on the plane…. you are DRIVEN… I say DRIVEN…. to stay awake and hear the epic adventures of Captain Marvel Mechanic.

And now, I pass this torch… on to you.  Long may it glow in the embers of your mind.  I know it touched ME that way.

Holy crap.  I think I just saw that Jerry leap a tall building in a single bound. Is there nothing he can’t do?