Pilgrims, Peace, and Plastic Straws

This is a day of historical note. Here is the top entry today. In 1620, and I quote: The “Pilgrim Fathers depart Leiden, Netherlands for England on their way to America.” The Pilgrim Fathers. The Fathers, they say. There is

Old wives laying it down.

Just yesterday, I was thinking about a friend who was stung by a jellyfish. It was many, many years ago, and our families were vacationing down at Virginia Beach. The waters were teaming with those creatures. On the second day,

The whole ball of wax. Up my sleeve.

Have you ever feasted your eyes on something? People have told me to do this, at times, in my life. “Feast your eyes on this, Polly.” I could never quite look at the “thing” they were showing me, because suddenly,

I’m wild for you.

There’s just that “something” about looking a tortoise in the eye. I’ve never met one I didn’t like. Yesterday, that record continued. I can’t remember his name, but he was a tortoise of considerable dimensions. Of course, I had to

Roll your Rs. And blow your nose.

My Dad was a singer. Granted, he didn’t have a great voice. It was sweet, though. His was a happy voice. And he sang all the time. Or whistled. He had an uncanny knack for remember lyrics, poems, stanzas, dialogue.